By CricketCountry Staff
Following outburst by several players in the T20 World Cup 2016, many West Indies legends have called for dissolution of the West Indies Cricket Board and asked for a interim committee. Legends like Gary Sobers, Viv Richards and Andy Roberts have followed CARICOM cricket review panel’s recommendation, asking the WICB to be dissolved and everything start from afresh.

The major concern they feel is that West Indies cricket is getting hampered, and they want their country’s cricket to grow. The issue was pulled out in open after several of Windies’ victorious T20 World Cup 2016 players like Darren Sammy, Chris Gayle spoke about the treatment given to them by the WICB.

On April 14, Gary Sobers,  Hooper and Co. met Keith Mitchell, chairman of the Prime Ministerial Committee on the Governance of West Indies Cricket, regarding the ongoing trouble. A discussion was held with former West Indies Players Association head Desmond Haynes, Darren Sammy, CARICOM review panel member Deryck Murray all invited.

Speaking on this issue with media, the group of legends said, “During the last two decades, many different presidents and CEOs have led the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and yet, its performance has declined steadily with each passing year. The Board is an oligarchic structure that considers itself answerable to no one but itself. It is one of the few sporting institutions that have remained virtually unchanged in attitude and structure in the last 70 years or more.”

Citing BCCI’s example, which is under scrutiny of Supreme Court for mishandling of funds and transparency of its activities, WI legends hit out at WICB. ”We believe that revival of West Indies cricket will only happen when the Board undergoes structural adjustment, and when it improves the quality of its communication and leadership, and upgrades the management of key relationships.”

This is the first time players or legends have come out against the board in unison. ”We are very proud of our legacy,” the release said. “We cannot now in good conscience stand idly by and watch everything that we fought so hard to build and achieve disappear right before our eyes because of the actions of inept Board members and an incompetent Board.”

Recently, a 5-member team took attention to the situation and called the WICB ‘obsolete’. The board though, out rightly rejected the report, stating the panel’s findings were not supported by facts. Joel Garner, president of Barbados Cricket Association, came out in support of WICB, questioning how some members of the WICB could suddenly be called “illegal” when they were formed according to the individual constitutions of the region’s countries.

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