Cosmos Celebrates 42nd Anniversary
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary):- Cosmos brought the curtains down last Sunday in rasping style at their annual Presentation Dinner celebrating an illustrious history that spanned a coveted 42 years. It was one of those celebrations where some, at times, question their own sanity, and are in awe that... Read more
Thakoordeen Bagged A Majestic Fifer For Cosmos
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1188):- It has been one of those tantalizingly testy seasons for Cosmos where the team’s collective efforts has not been consistent, and as a result, they found themselves playing in patches while they search for a comfort zone in a new league,... Read more
Intruders Ransacked Cosmos
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1187):- Just in case no one noticed, it is Mid-October and we are still enjoying some good weather, and playing cricket. Some hoped that it will last, but in all fairness, that may be some wishful thinking, we have had more that... Read more
Cosmos Battle Warriors
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1186):- The 2021 season will soon come to a close in about three weeks, weather permitting, and after two full competitions and a packed season so far, teams are in their quest for another silverware and prize money as the competition wines... Read more
Double Trouble For Cosmos
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1185/86):- Cosmos had a leather-hunting outing in the first round of the New York National Cricket League (NYNCL) T20 competition last Sunday. Unfortunately, Cosmos was on the receiving end of the attack, and moreso in the second game of the double header... Read more
Remembering Our Fallen Cricket Colleagues
By Sham AliThe Gods smiled and made this a glorious day and we felt the presence of our fallen colleagues in our company. It is 11:30am. The conditions were perfect for cricket, brilliant sunshine under clear blue skies, and the breeze felt like a gentle Caribbean breeze off the... Read more
Cosmos Bowled Out In The Semi
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1184):- Cosmos has had their fair share of successes over the years and this season was just a continuation of those earlier years. After last year’s hiatus due to the pandemic and after playing for thirty-seven in the highly competitive Metropolitan Cricket... Read more
Akash Rahim Saw Cosmos Edged Phoenix
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1183):- Akash Rahim kept his cool and played a steady hand on a tricky track as Cosmos scampered home to a 6-wicket victory in a last over thriller over Phoenix last Sunday at Baisley Pond Park in the New York National Cricket... Read more
Cosmos Will Not Be Bullied By Blood Suckers. This Is Not Cricket, Just Plain Wickedness?
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1182):- It is 1:55pm and we left Lido beach cricket ground and are blazing through the rain. At 1:56pm at Lido Beach cricket ground, hell broke loose and the devil was running rampant, where will the next pint (points) suck of blood... Read more
Guns and Runs Balls or Bullets. Take Your Pick!!!

It was an eventful afternoon last Sunday at Bayswater Park, Beach 32, and Far Rockaway in New York when Cosmos

Read more