USACUA/WICUA Umpiring Online Training
USACUA member and NJSCUA Founder and President Mr. Deepak Katte who led a successful initiative for an online version of USACUA/WICUA Umpiring Training & Certification Program for the 2012 season, is pleased to announce starting of its second session on Sunday, Jan, 27, 2013 at 8 am.

NJSCUA has been organizing and coordinating the Umpire’s Certification program as per the requirements of The West Indies Cricket Umpires Association (WICUA – & The United States Cricket Umpire’s Association (USACUA –, every year since 2010.

NJSCUA have trained/certified over 23 umpires so far and more listed for the future…Just like last year, we are providing the ability for the trainee’s to attend the training program from the comforts of their home’s, rather than spending time/money driving up to a training center, making this one of the first of its kind in this part of the world.

All that is needed for trainees to attend to the program is computer with internet connection and a sound card (of course the desire to learn). No more driving in the snow/winter to attend the course, yet providing the same facility/feeling via ONLINE Training, as if meeting in person.

Mr. Deepak Katte, Mr. Ram Ragoo and Mr. Fitzroy Hayles planned the event to ensure that the USACUA membership can have access to the online material to prepare them for the USACUA and WICUA exams.

Mr. Katte says “I’m proud to say that all of our hard work and efforts in putting the ONLINE program together culminated last year, when we successfully launched the “iclass”, which went on over 12 plus weekends, without major glitches. All the participants were extremely happy with the participation and the way it was presented and are looking forward to this year’s sessions, (starting on Jan 27th, every Sunday starting at 8.00 AM)”

Mr. Katte further adds…”this ONLINE training program, which has been my brain child for a couple of years now, could not have been accomplished without active support and encouragement from USACUA President Mr. Fitzroy Hayles & Mr. Ram Ragoo (USACUA Trustee) and Team. My research indicates that across the world, such a training program is offered ONLY at handful of places (e.g. IICUS, England and New South Wales Cricket Umpire’s Association in Australia to name a couple) and I’m happy we are one amongst the handful. I believe all of these efforts would ultimately go a long way towards betterment of Cricket in USA in some form, whatever the level be. This is just the beginning and more on the way to come.”

Enrollment is still open for interested umpires.  Interested members should contact Mr. Deepak Katte (e-mail – [email protected]) or call me at 609-665-0343 for more details.