Face to Face Meeting
American Cricket Federation (ACF) received an outpouring of support from leagues and organizations from across the country ahead of its first Face to Face meeting in Orlando. Ten leagues wrote to the ACF Steering Committee expressing their support to the ACF and its guiding principles. More leagues are expected to announce their support in the days following the meeting.

In their letter, the leagues noted that they were committed to ACF’s stated goal of upholding cricket’s values of transparency, inclusiveness and fairness. The leagues expressed their willingness to work with the ACF in building an organization that is accountable to all cricket stakeholders and capable of growing the sport by attracting more players, clubs, leagues, fans and investors.

Once the ACF constitution is ratified and a membership structure is in place, these leagues are expected to join as founding members.

The signatory leagues include Eastern American Cricket Association, Cricket League of New Jersey, Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board, Commonwealth Cricket League of New York, Florida Cricket Conference, Michigan Cricket Association, Minnesota Cricket Association, Midwest Cricket Conference, American Cricket Conference and NorthWest Cricket League. Together, these leagues comprise over 250 clubs and represent some of the largest leagues in their respective regions.