Chaitanya Taraniganty and Sabrish Prasad and Manav Nayak
Winners from left to right, Chaitanya Taraniganty (U10), Sabrish Prasad (U12) and Manav Nayak (U15).

California Cricket Academy (CCA) on Friday, November 9 announced the winners of the Arjun-Vohra and Altrius Strategic Consulting Youth Cricket Scholarships during their 2019 Annual Awards function in Cupertino. This is the second year for these scholarships, which were first awarded last year.

CCA a non-profit organization established in 2003 has had had tremendous success including 31 CCA players who have represented USA in the Under 15 – Under 19 age groups and five players representing either State or District teams in India.

Annual Scholarships awarded in four age categories
The scholarships were awarded in the Under 10, Under 12, Under 13-15 and Under 15-19 age categories. One winner in each of the four categories were awarded scholarships for five years.

AV Trust and ASC will match each scholarship, with the cash component of each award increasing by 10% every year over the next four years.

The scholarship recipients were selected based on CCA internal games and tournaments (20%), USA competitive domestic tournaments (50%), International competitive tournaments (30%), Under 15-18 category for adult leagues, and based on sourced data from and CCA records.

Rajib and Kanika Vohra
Sponsor Rajib and Kanika Vohra awarded the youth cricket scholarship to top CCA performers.

Selection Criteria:
Qualitative factors:

• Attendance at physical fitness sessions, classes, team practices
• On and off-field comportment
• Manager and Coach feedback
• Volunteer work related to cricket

Quantitative factors:
• Must be registered as a CCA Player
• Batting, bowling and fielding scores
• Number of 50’s, 100+, 5WI; 7WI+
• Aggregate runs in the calendar year: 750, 1000
• Aggregate wickets in the calendar year: 50, 75
• Aggregate fielding in a calendar year (catches, run-outs, stumping dismissals)

Selection Methodology:
• Top three players nominated on Quantitative factors and independent committee recommendations of each selected player to the Trust, in the various age categories.
• Independent committee for each age group

Total Awards: Citations, Trophies and Cash (Taxable)
• Under 10: $500.00 (Five-hundred dollars)
• Under 12: $500.00 (Five-hundred dollars)
• Under 13-15: $1,000.00 (One thousand dollars)
• Under 15-18: $1,000.00 (One thousand dollars)

2019 Winners
Under 18 – Rahul Jariwala
Under 15 – Manav Nayak
Under 12 – Sabrish Prasad
Under 10 – Chaitanya Taraniganty

2018 Winners
Under 18 – Sakthi Karimanal
Under 15 – Rahul Jariwala
Under 12 – Khush Bhalala
Under 10 – Kritin Kothapally

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