Atlantis Cricket Club Make Significant Transitions Atlantis Cricket Club Make Significant Transitions
NY District Metropolitan Cricket Association

Atlantis Cricket Club Make Significant Transitions

New YorkNews March 25, 2017 admin

At its 2017 Annual General Meeting last month, Atlantis Cricket Club – NY’s membership voted to leave the Eastern American Cricket Association (EACA), a league it has competed in for more than 25 years, and to join the NY District Metropolitan Cricket Association, a league Atlantis last participated in prior to joining the EACA.

In another significant move, Atlantis elected two of its current players to its Executive Board, bringing the number of active players on the board to five, almost fifty percent of the club’s eleven member policy-making body.

Filling out two existing vacancies on the board are Prashanth Nair, elected club Secretary and Garfield De Roche, elected Assistant Secretary Treasurer. The two young players join Atlantis’ cricket captains Alex Amsterdam (Senior Men) and Samantha Ramataur (Women) on the board, in addition to the club’s Women’s Cricket Coordinator Joan Alexander-Serrano. The latter two have represented the USA national women’s team in international tournaments, while Nair and Amsterdam are currently USA players.

Prashant Nair of Atlantis Cricket Club

Prashant Nair was elected Secretary of the club. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

The election of Nair and DeRoche is a significant transition by Atlantis to having younger active players on its board, and a departure from the group of senior former players who have been serving on the club’s Board of Directors for quite some time.

According to Atlantis’ president Courtney “Sarge” LeGall, “We welcome the younger active players onto the board and we hope their presence will add an enhanced player’s perspective to the club’s operations, while signaling a transition to the next generation of cricket administrators.”

All-rounder Treon Forde is the club’s newly appointed senior men’s cricket vice-captain.