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Beaverton Badshahs Joins ACF

News October 20, 2015 admin 0

Beaverton, Oregon — Add the Beaverton Cricket Badshahs, LLC to the growing list of members to the American Cricket Federation, as ACF continues its explosive growth of membership.

Justin Lacche, Badshahs Founder and CEO.

Justin Lacche, Badshahs Founder and CEO.

“Badshahs are honored to be a part of the growing ACF family as ACF continues its push to elevate cricket to its rightful prominence in the United States,” said Justin Lacche, Badshahs Founder and CEO. “Anyone passionate about cricket in the United States will not rest until it has the national support, passion and eventually, caliber of athletes we see from top World Cup contenders. Yes, it will require a massive effort — we believe ACF and its members are up to the task.”

Badshahs have been a professional cricket team since 2009, and are led on the pitch by its fifth all-time Captain, Hrishikesh Bhalwankar, who led Badshahs to its first-ever League semi-final appearance this season. Most of Badshahs current roster, including Bhalwankar and Lacche, are also coming off playing in the 2015 Championships at Nike World Headquarters.

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