The American Cricket Federation noted with interest George Dobell’s report on  regarding the current state of U.S. cricket management and an article by USYCA’s President, Jamie Harrison.  See

Jamie Harrison, President of USYCA.

Most U.S. cricketers are well aware of the facts associated with the nominal stewardship of the U.S. game and its lack of development over many decades. Equally, the scale of the annual investment made by the ICC, since 1965, is widely understood.

While commending the article for reading by all U.S. cricketers, the ACF prefers to look forward rather than adding its comments on a universally accepted and historic perspective. The formation of the ACF itself was motivated by similar terminal frustration.

What the ACF finds more interesting are the questions not posed by the article.
• Where has been the wider national debate among U.S. cricketers about the right development model for US cricket? Is the Dubai exploitation model the right one?
• Where is the democratic representation of the everyday U.S. cricketer?
• Why was it so easy for the ACF to define and gain public approval for its Constitution and its forthcoming election process?
• How is it that the ACF can organize annual National T20 inter-league tournaments, support youth cricket, and sponsor a major Women’s tournament with international participation, and all without ICC funding? Does U.S. cricket need foreign funding? Does it need just more promises?
• Why was it that the USYCA chose to affiliate with the ACF and rejected a USACA offer centered on “control” with a view to increasing its ICC stipend?
• What is better for U.S. cricket: organized altruism, broad US investment and opportunity for the benefit of all U.S. cricketers, or a narrow cabal of short-term, pay-booth self-interest?

These are the questions the American Cricket Federation is attempting to answer and we think we know the answers.  The remaining question is: “what do the great, silent majority of U.S. cricketers think and will they make their voices heard?”  The ACF elections in December, open to all members, just might provide the answers…….

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2013 ACF Elections for Board and Advisory & Judiciary Committee, December, 2013 (after which the currently governing Steering Committee will disband en bloc). All league, club and individual members of good standing will be entitled to nominate candidates and vote. Please note, a cut-off date for new members to receive a voting privilege will be announced shortly and will be sooner rather than later, as mandated by audit and voter publication provisions under the ACF Constitution.

See “Membership” tab of ACF website at on details how to JOIN NOW and MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!