American Cricket Federation
Florida Southeast Cricket League (FSCL), an organization of member clubs dedicated to the development and promotion of Cricket in the United States of America, was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization in the State of Florida.

From its humble beginnings of only 6 clubs in 1998, FSCL has today grown into 14 clubs and is recognized as the strongest cricket league in South Florida with over 400 registered players playing locally, regionally and nationally.

Players from all backgrounds add to the diversity and flavor of the league including Australia, Bangladesh, Caribbean Islands, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. FSCL proudly boasts of having the finest venues in South Florida, providing the best cricketing and family atmosphere to the players and their families.

The FSCL is here to focus on what makes FSCL unique from surrounding leagues by emphasizing the talents of our players. We are there to support our players in their pursuits. Our laser focus is on developing youths, protecting and promoting the game we love.

It is our expectation that ACF has a true growth plan to develop cricket as a governing body in the United States. FSCL recognize its mission and values. Therefore, with excitement and anticipation, FSCL has decided to affiliate with ACF.