By Orin Davidson
Coach Linden Fraser has a future with United States national cricket teams after being inexplicably sidelined for close to two years.

Linden Fraser. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) president Gladstone Dainty said he is all for winning, and if it means having Fraser on board, that is way he will go.

In rebuffing statements blacklisting Fraser without just cause, attributed to key USACA officials, Dainty said “I don’t indulge in that type of behavior and no one from USACA would be encouraged to so do”.

Fraser, the winningest coach at junior level in America, was never given a run with national under-19 teams and was recently removed from the New York squad for no apparent reason.

“People should first bash New York before attacking USACA with regard to Fraser,” added Dainty.

The president pointed out that it was wrong to accuse USACA of totally blanking Fraser as he was offered the position for the national under-15 team and declined.

“Fraser has to decide what he wants and understand that he has to continue doing what he does best and not antagonize anyone,” Dainty said.

In addition to his success with New York Under-19 sides and once with the senior team, Fraser also molded the Connecticut women’s squad to winning the first ever U.S. national championship last year.

With the position open for the current national Under-19 team which has two important competitions next year, from as early as February, in its quest to qualify for the Under-19 World Cup, USACA’s choice is eagerly awaited.