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Historic American Bilateral State Games Set For Oct. 17-18

News August 19, 2020 admin

In what will be a historic weekend for cricket in America, the Maryland and the Virginia Youth Cricket Associations are excited to announce the first ever state vs. state bilateral matches, to take place on October 17 and 18. These matches will be the first ever between representative state teams in the United States, and are the precursor to a future of thrilling state cricket matches, series and championships.

The first match will be played on Saturday, October 17 in Maryland, with the second match the next day in Virginia. Further details will be released in coming weeks, such as ground locations, age groups involved, and match timings.

“We in Maryland are honored to be helping to usher in a new future for the game in the States,” said Maryland Youth Cricket Association Chairman Jamie Harrison. “The rise of state youth cricket associations will advance the game in America at the grassroots and create a pathway for the best players to rise as far as talent will take them. Cricket at this level is well established in every other major cricket-playing nation in the world, and it is time for the United States to establish its own domestic system.”

Virginia Youth Cricket Association Chairman Raj Damaraju said, “This historic bilateral series between state teams will be a cornerstone for youth cricket as this would pave a way for the youth to elevate their skills to state, region and one day to national level. VYCA is eager and excited for the first historic state level games.”

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