The International Cricket Council (ICC) is forging ahead with providing opportunities for growth of cricket in the United States, following the recent expulsion of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) from the world body.

A USA Umpire Seminar and a National Entry Level Program workshop are both slated to be held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida next month.

In a release from the ICC on July 7, Eric Parthen, ICC’s USA Project Manager, stated, “ICC Americas USA Project, in conjunction with the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Cricket Australia (CA), is inviting local U.S. cricket coaches and umpires to apply to attend various workshops over the course of the USA-leg in Ft. Lauderdale commencing Tuesday August 1. All persons interested must register by July 14.

The USA Umpire Seminar will aim to provide education and training for USA umpires in a number of theoretical and practical situations covering group culture, player behavior and match management to name a few. The seminar will take participants through a number of interactive workshops and presentations designed to improve the knowledge and aptitude of officials across the USA.”

Participation in the Umpire Seminar – August 3-4, and a National Entry Level program are free, however, registrants must cover their own transportation to and from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and accommodation costs.

The National Entry Level Program Planning & Research session – August 1-4, is specifically aimed at providing a greater understanding of what’s needed to help the sport grow among American children. According to Parthen, “The USA National Entry Level Program Planning & Research will provide valuable market research as we look to shape a National Entry Level Program. A wide range of activities will be taught to American kids who are new to the game of cricket as a way of obtaining a greater understanding into what U.S. children are interested in and attracted to by the sport of cricket. These sessions will incorporate a range of new teaching and learning methods in the world of education, capturing the hearts and minds of students and teachers with a well planned, marketed and delivered national entry-level program.”

Interested applicants may register for either of the two events online, by providing some basic information. The information provided will be assessed by the ICC Americas and Project USA staff, in conjunction with members of the U.S. cricket community. Applications close Friday July 14.

USA Umpire Seminar –
National Entry Level Program Workshop –

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