John Ramsingh in South Africa
John Ramsingh at Lagoon Beach Hotel and Spa in Cape Town, South Africa.

By Ravi Madholall
Like many millions people across the globe reaching their final destination after overseas sojourns, John Ramsingh is also having a mountainous task to get home on Guyana’s soil.

Ramsingh, a Sport Journalist and cricket commentator, was left stranded in USA for nearly three weeks now. He was coming from South Africa where the second edition of the Over-50s Cricket World Cup was taking place in Cape Town.

He was with debutant West Indies who suffered two successive defeats and were engaged in their third match when COVID-19 halted proceedings with its deadly circulation across every Equators. But life in Boston for the Guyanese is like a normal, everyday thing while he revealed he is very much occupied himself with some simple renovations and usual house works.

He is accommodated by a childhood friend Sean Majeed, an emigrant. As expected he badly misses home and would have already been back since the tournament was slated to culminate on March 25 with the championship game.

In addition to that, a positive Ramsingh stated that communication back in Guyana with his family and friends is very effective and doing what is required to help curtail the spread of the disease: stay indoor. “It [is] the New World Order to be isolated during the Covid-19 pandemic so I am staying indoors with my childhood friend,” Ramsingh declared.

It is understood that when you are away from your loved ones and especially you can’t get to embrace them like a crisis of this magnitude can be emotional as well “I especially miss my family and Guyanese food.

My son is preparing for external exams and I would prefer to be home to support him and to give him peace of mind approaching life-defining exams but we chat every day.

He is concerned but I reassure him that I am safe,” Ramsingh, who represented Guyana Media team, expressed. Ramsingh also spoke about the hustle and bustle to depart the African continent. “When the tournament was called off on March 15, it was a scramble for all of the teams to get flights to get out.

West Indies was perhaps the most complicated since the players were not returning to one country but various locations. We dispersed in 4 small batches on various days. I left Cape Town on March 18 to Johannesburg then to Abu Dhabi then to New York and after that 32-hour journey I enquired about flights to Guyana only to be given bad news. I was told that the last flight from JFK to CJIA left the day before. I was shattered as all my other teammates were either at home already or were on their way,” the Liaison Officer of team Ramsingh mentioned.