Beaverton, Oregon — Justin Lacche of the Beaverton Cricket Badshahs, LLC, scored his 1,000th career run for the team at the 2016 Championships at Nike World Headquarters. Lacche is the first in team history to reach this mark.

Justin Lacche.

Justin Lacche.

The Badshahs, a member of the American Cricket Federation, are in their eighth season; four of which have seen players as a part of the Nike Championships.

“I credit all individual milestones in my career to my team mates, my family, and our fans,” Lacche said. “I also thank the American Cricket Federation for being such a great champion of evolving awareness of cricket in the United States. We fully stand by and support the ACF.”

Over their first eight seasons, the Beaverton Cricket Badshahs have had more than 45 players from six different countries; the Badshahs have also played tournaments in both the United States and the West Indies.

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