Middlesex Cricket Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Mark Audain and Chandrapaul Roopnarine with their awards.

The New York-based Middlesex Cricket Club recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary and its first Presidential Awards event. Founded in 2009 by the cricketing trio of Mark Audain, Alston Bacchus, and Che Logie, the mission of the club is to give young cricketers as many opportunities as possible, to give back to the community, while enjoying the beautiful sport of cricket.

Middlesex Cricket Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Kavir Singh (left) and Rawle Jackson collect their performance awards.

The awards presented during the anniversary celebrations included:
Most Disciplined Player – Arafat Amin
Most promising Player – Ashique Amin
Most Determined Player – Wasique Safin
Most Runs – 1st Place – Mark Audain, Captain
Most Runs – 2nd Place – Rawle Jackman
Most Runs – 3rd Place – Anthony Sahadeo
Season Centurion – Mark Audain
Highest Individual Score – Mark Audain
Best Batting Average – 1st Place – Rawle Jackman
Best Batting Average – 2nd Place – Mark Audain
Best Batting Average – 3rd Place – Chandrapaul Roopnarine
Most Wickets 1st Place – Chandrapaul Roopnarine
Most Wickets 2nd Place – Mark Audain
Most Wickets 3rd place – Kavir Singh
Most Economic Bowler – 1st Place – Kavir Singh
Most Economic Bowler – 2nd Place – Chandrapaul Roopnarine
Most Economic Bowler – 3rd Place – Alston Bacchus
Special Bowling Awards – Rawle Jackman, Alston Bacchus, George Sutherland
Best All-rounder Award – 1st Place – Mark Audain
Best All-rounder Award – 2nd Place – Chandrapaul Roopnarine
Best All-rounder Award – 3rd Place – Kavir Singh
Outstanding Season Batting Award – 1st Place – Joel ‘Big Tony’ Francis
Outstanding Season Batting Award – 2nd Place – Treldon McMillan, President Middlesex CC
Fiver Award – Jamie Hay
Match Winning Award – Carlos Green
Best Wicket-keeper Award – 1st Place – Anthony Sahadeo
Best Wicket-keeper Award – 2nd Place Award – Tyson Crawford
2018 Season MVP Mark Audain, Captain of Middlesex CC

Middlesex Cricket Club would like to thank all of its sponsors who made the 2018 season possible; while extending a big Thank You to Jasmattie Ghani, Sunil Pasram, Winners Construction, Kewin Lyle, Drummond Plumbing, CricMAX, Onkash Singh, and Ravi at CricketZone USA, for their very valuable contributions.