Nosthush Kenjige: Community Support And Positivity Around MiLC Excites Me Nosthush Kenjige: Community Support And Positivity Around MiLC Excites Me

Nosthush Kenjige is one of the players with a central contract with USA Cricket, which has shown why he deserved it. During the recently held Minor League Cricket (MiLC) exhibition matches organized by USA Cricket, he represented Irving Mustangs. During the exhibition matches, he scalped 14 wickets from 8 games, making him the top bowler. He also ranked number two in the fielding department with seven catches and a run-out. asked him a few questions regarding MiLC, and below are his responses.

Describe some of your experiences in the recently completed Minor League Cricket (MiLC) exhibition matches.
It was a fine start to kick of the inaugural Minor League Cricket despite the challenges in the current situation. We, as a team, pulled through some challenging situations to finish on top of the table.

What was your most memorable moment during the recent Minor League Cricket exhibition matches?
It’s hard to pinpoint one particular moment. Still, the character we showed after back to back losses to come back and dominate the tourney is something we will cherish going into the next season.

How was your overall performance in the matches? Would you do anything differently if given a chance to replay any one of the 2020 exhibition matches?
I had a memorable tournament, finishing as the highest wicket-taker in the MiLC. There were a few situations that I would have loved to re-do again in hindsight, but it’s all learning that I would take going forward and implement when required in the future.

Nosthusha Kenjige
Nosthusha Kenjige bowling in the 2018 edition of WINDIES Super50 Cup. CWI Media/Kerrie Eversley of Brooks LaTouche Photography

How different was the experience playing for a franchise than your usual club or team?
The management of our team has been very supportive and stood by us throughout the tournament. There is more at stake when you represent the Region as opposed to a club. It’s a journey all of us loved to be part of and cherish the happier moments.

How did you prepare for the matches during the current COVID-19 pandemic?
Although there were restrictions, I was very prepared. I have a program that I follow for fitness and conditioning from the USA cricket trainer and work in a closed group to keep topping up on cricketing skills. We were pretty consistent in our routines in the last 5-6 months despite the pandemic.

What improvements, if any, would you like to see implemented during the upcoming 2021 Minor League Cricket season?
Although we got half of our games on turf, in the future, I would love to have a turf wicket here in Dallas.

Nosthush Kenjige
Nosthush Kenjige in action at a USA Cricket Combine which was held on New York. Photo by Shem Rodney

Is there any particular area that team owners of Minor League Cricket needs to improve that would benefit the league?
The owners are knowledgeable and very passionate about the game. As long as they are supportive and looking after the players’ best interest like they do, I don’t see any issues or areas that need improvement.

Should more under-21 players be added to the roster of each franchise?
I think we have a healthy number of youth players in our squad and practice groups. It is a fair number now, but it can be revised going forward as the standard improves.

What would attract more fans to any matches of the franchise to which you belong?
When the best of the local talent gets picked to represent the Region, fans would love to see their Region do well, which would help build the fan base.

What is one positive non-cricket experience you took away from your participation in the exhibition matches?
One of the positive experiences is the local cricketing community’s support and the Minor League’s positivity. Going forward, I am excited about some of the other initiatives.