Over 300 Students Participating In Maryland’s 2017 Elementary And Middle School Cricket Programs Over 300 Students Participating In Maryland’s 2017 Elementary And Middle School Cricket Programs

With the first week of competition completed in the BEST and WAMS Cricket Leagues, Maryland students are glad that their first game is under their belts and are eager to keep pressing on in the first elementary and middle school cricket leagues in the USA. This year again there are 14 elementary school teams and 9 middle school teams with 330 students participating in the Bowie Boys and Girls Club (BBGC) cricket program.

The elementary school teams are: Berwyn Heights, Cora Rice, Glenn Dale, Greenbelt, Heather Hills, Hillsmere, Hollywood, Kenilwoth, Linthicum Ferndale, Rockledge, Tulip Grove, Tyler Heights, University Park, and Whitehall.

The middle school teams are: Benjamin Tasker, Bobcats 1 and 2 (Burleigh Manor), Eagles (Ellicott Mills), Greenbelt, Kenmoor, Samuel Ogle, Shady Grove and Sharks (Bonnie Branch).
The 23 school teams are from Prince George’s County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, and Montgomery County.

BEST Cricket League Results (Elementary Schools)
Whitehall 64 runs defeated Cora Rice 42 runs
University Park 69 runs, Greenbelt 54 runs
Hollywood 117 runs, Berwyn Heights 39 runs
Kenilworth 119 runs, Hillsmere 92 runs
Tyler Heights 87 runs, Tulip Grove 80 runs
Glenn Dale 79 runs, Linthicum Ferndale 55 runs
Rockledge 64 runs, Heather Hills 33 runs

WAMS Cricket League Results (Middle Schools)
Samuel Ogle defeated Benjamin Tasker
Bobcats 1 (Burleigh Manor) defeated Eagles (Ellicott Mills)
Kenmoor vs Shady Grove postponed
Benjamin Tasker won against Greenbelt
Bobcats 2 (Burleigh Manor) upsets 2016 Champs Sharks (Bonnie Branch)

Cheerleaders at Cora Rice vs Whitehall Season Opener
Coach Bernadette Charles, PE teacher at Cora Rice Elementary School in Landover has been prepping her team since last fall. Cora Rice shocked powerhouse Whitehall by handing them a loss in their pre-season match. Whitehall has been in all 3 BEST Championship Games winning it all in 2015. This year Whitehall and Rockledge are favored to get to the Championship Game. However, Hollywood and Heather Hills may have a different opinion, and both teams will be aiming for the 2017 title themselves.

With a boost in confidence, Cora Rice was looking to make it two in a row against Whitehall in their season opener. The Cora Rice cheerleaders were also present at the game, which was played at the brand new cricket field at Whitehall. This was the first time there were cheerleaders at a school cricket match. The girls performed in sync and enthusiastically cheered on both teams. The cheerleaders were led by Ms Brooks, a Kindergarten teacher at Cora Rice. The team has been practicing their routines for a while now, and the girls were excited to have their first performance at the cricket match.

Whitehall’s Joshua Chotoo, Cole Johnson and Alvin Kanapilly were not planning to underestimate Cora Rice again. All three gave tip-top performances along with excellent support from newcomers Andy and Grant Christiansen. Matthew Brown and Gilberto Frederick also put some runs on the board for Whitehall. Whitehall easily got past Cora Rice to start off their season with a W. The only resistance came from Cora Rice’s captain, Treyvon Starling, and newbie, Joanna Chen. Treyvon hit the only 6 in the game. Vice Captain Xavier Williams made a powerful hit and was about to get going. But, a nice running catch from Andy put an end to Xavier’s innings.