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Purdue University Cricket Club Making Strides

Central EastNews October 21, 2015 admin 0

Purdue University Cricket Club (PUCC) concludes its 2015 season with an Award Ceremony & Club Gathering event at the Purdue University campus. The PUCC ends a remarkable season with improved form, missing the playoffs by a narrow margin, as the club bounced back from the low 2014 season in the Chicago based Midwest Cricket Conference (MCC).

Since 2001 PUCC has been the only hardball College/University cricket team in Indiana with the two full-size cricket grounds to compete at regional leagues/tournaments and national events. Initially cricket was played at the West Lafayette campus during 1978 and during the last 12 years. PUCC is the only team from Indiana playing in MCC – Chicago and American College Cricket.

Award Ceremony & Club Gathering event was attended by the following individuals Karthik Sukumar, Zeal Jigar Rajpura, Pooja Sharma, Shaheera Saad and many other club supporters and friends.

The following is a list of award recipients.
Best All Rounder Award: Karan Mohan
Best Batsmen Award: Nagarajan Narayanan
Best Bowler Award: Praveen Kumar
Best Debutant All-rounder Award: Karan Bhise
Best debutant bowler award: Mahatej Subramaniam
Best Knock of the season Award: Nagarajan Narayanan
Best Dependable Bowler Award: Tanmay Chobhe
Best Slips Fielder Award: Saad Tanvir
Best Couple (Batting/Bowling) Award: Shankar Menon/Nagaraj Narayanan. Praveen Kumar/Tanmay Chobhe
Best Spirit Award(s): Ajay Sanath & Sridhar Sadasivam
Most Stylish Batsman: Shankar Menon

Most Enthusiasm Award(s): Subash Sharma & Kshitij Mall
New Kid on the Block Award: Adhayayan Sharma
Quick Learner Award: Michael Puccinelli
Rising Star Award: Partha Choudary
Youth Camp Recognition Award: Partha Chowdary
Gratitude Award(s): Kiran Bhise & Mrugesh Krishna

Honors with Awards:
Gratitude Award: Dr. Ananthanarayan (Ravi) Krishna (Club Advisor – Faculty)
Gratitude Award: Jatin Patel (Coach/Advisor – Volunteer)
The Visionary Award: Jigar Ramesh Rajpura (President)

“Everyone played a very important role in some way or the other. Special mention to our club advisor Dr. Ravi (Faculty Staff) and our coach Jatin Patel (Volunteer with Purdue Connections).” Said Jigar Ramesh Rajpura, President PUCC, commenting on the PUCC team of summer 2015.

The Cricket Club is strong part of student life at Purdue for more than 40 years, with many faculty and students who are passionate about the sport of cricket continuing to display their skills, while competing in intercollegiate leagues and events, as well as other regional competitions.

PUCC offers opportunities for leadership, friendships, physical conditioning and development, travel, honing athletic skills, and a venue for pursuing a passion, as team success is built on dedicated team practice. Club leaders are elected by the members.

PUCC was ranked No. 2 nationally among college cricket teams, having captured the title in the American College Cricket Midwest Championship in 2010. To become champions and receive the E. Gordon Gee Trophy, the team beat Big Ten opponents Indiana, Iowa and Ohio State.

PUCC also has played traditionally in the tough Midwest Cricket Championship – MCC Chicago and the Midwest Cricket Tournament in Columbus, Ohio. The team reached a new level in 2007, finishing as runner-up to advance in Division 1 in MCC, Chicago and winning the Midwest Cricket Tournament – MCT title.

On September 24th 2011 PUCC helped the City of Indianapolis to launch innovative Indy Sports Park with an Inter University inaugural match with Indiana University (Purdue won). PUCC, part of the Club Sports group in Purdue’s Division of Recreational Sports, was invited by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard to compete in the inaugural Mayor’s Challenge.