ACF Recognition Award Recipient
When one thinks about volunteers, the picture of seasoned veterans, retirees, and soccer moms, most likely would pop up; however, volunteers come in various sizes, heights, ethnicities and ages brackets.

Satish Hanumanthu is American Cricket Fededration third Volunteer Recognition Award Recipient .

Meet 28 year-old Satish Hanumanthu, a Tampa Bay, Florida resident by way of Vishakhapatnam, a port city on the southeast coast of India. Vishakhapatnam is often called the Jewel of the East Coast of India, and Satish Hanumanthu can be called the jewel of Tamp Bay cricket volunteers.  Tampa Bay is a long way from where the electrical engineering graduate once called home, to where he is now and his involvement in the sport of cricket.

Satish, is a spin bowler who sees himself more in the role of cricket administrator and volunteer. He readily admits that his strengths are more in the administrative side of cricket, than on the cricket field. Thus, it was no surprise when American Cricket Federation received a nomination on behalf of the relatively young Satish Hanumanthu, for a Volunteer Recognition Award.

The University of South Florida (USF) electrical engineer graduate came to the USA in 2007 to pursue a Master’s degree and almost immediately became one of the founding fathers of the university’s cricket club, which now has more than 100 active playing members and some 300 participants overall.

The eligible and handsome bachelor’s contribution to the growth and development of cricket in the USA did not stop with the birth of the USF Cricket XI; he helped organize the Students of India Association (SIA) hard tennis ball tournaments featuring 16 teams each weekend. The tournament is held three times each year to raise money for SIA. With an abundance of energy, Satish appears electrically wired to deliver on volunteer efforts on different levels. In addition to his SIA fundraising initiative, Satish also started a Students Premier League, the first tape ball league of its kind to have auctions broadcasted via Ustream. He has served as a member on the Advisory Committee of American College Cricket and president of University Cricket for several years.

The volunteer efforts of Satish has not been limited to men’s cricket, he has successfully organized a three-team women’s tape ball cricket tournament and has been instrumental in promoting cricket in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

An employee of USF Tampa, Satish was also instrumental in conducting the very successful Tampa Bay Super-Sixes Cricket Tournament with a cash prize of $1,000 awarded the winner. The tournament featured teams of six players and a six-over format for a fast-paced and entertaining event, with a special show for kids conducted at the same time, making the Super-Sixes a full family event.

ACF is pleased to list Satish Hanumanthu as one of its recognized volunteers on track to its first ever National Volunteer Recognition Award, to be announced this Fall.

Congratulations Satish Hanumanthu, for your many hard-working efforts as a volunteer, helping to promote the growth and development of the game of cricket in the USA.