Melbourne Cricket Club.

Commonwealth Cricket League
This year final will see two spectacular teams playing, ronically, it has been the same two teams that went at it in 2012 and 2013.

Melbourne will play host to Seven Star at 73rd Street Cunningham ground this Sunday, September 7. Seven Star lost to Melbourne in 2012 but the tables were turned last year when Seven Star emerged victorious.

Arif Islam, Pranay Das, Ehsan Jamil, Dehan Nazmul, Rumon, Shojib, Vijay Seonarine, Ryan, Sarrmad Khan, Nadir Mohammed, Mohsin Khan, Richie Patel, Krish Ketwaroo, Greg Sewdial, Habib, Hemanth Dhillon.

What do all these name have in common?
Well, this is some of the talent that will be on display this Sunday as the Top-Division finals kick off in the Commonwealth League.

Seven Star Cricket Club.

Over the years the Commonwealth Cricket League has had some thrilling finals which were played by such great teams as ACS, Albion, Warriors, Melbourne, Seven Star, Strikers, etc.

1 – 1, so now it’s on to game three, the decider.

Some of the stalwarts that played in these past finals include Zamin Amin, Sew Shivnarine, Derrick Kallicharran, Nizam Hafiz, Derryck Murray, Terry Hastoo, Trevor Walke, Saeed Amin, Bud Amin, Kumar Lorick, Kennedy Venkersammy, Glenn Lorick, Mike Chin, Nyeem Baksh, Tony Lewis, Amir Qureshi, Andre Roodal, Sam Smith, Sheldon Gomes, Ganesh Ramsingh, and the formidable Steve Massiah.

Mohsin Khan from Seven Star CC has score 507 runs during the regular season. Shojib has taken 18 wickets for Melbourne.

The two of them will try as hard as they can to make sure that tally does not go up much higher on Sunday.

Who will win this Sunday? That is anyone’s guess. Two teams. Two brilliant teams. Twenty two very, very talented players.

The final this Sunday will be amazing. We can be sure of that.

The players on both sides looked really good last week in the semi-finals. Young Greg Sewdial had a good game against Strikers and Vijay Seonarine [Nap] looked like his former self as he found form with both bat and ball. Surely an ominous sign for Melbourne.

On the other hand, Arif Islam is playing to his full potential and there is no better sight than when this guy gets going with the bat. An absolutely magnificent batsman on any type of pitch, asphalt or clay.

Melbourne with their outstanding array of spinners will pose a problem to Seven Star.

So far so good then. Two good teams going into the final three days from now and all their players are in form and ready with bat and ball.

It doesn’t matter which team you are backing just know for sure it will be a good game and there will be two winners. Why two winners? How can there be a losing team when both teams are electrifying and capable of dazzling, which is what they will do on Sunday.

This is what New York cricket is made of…and it doesn’t get any better!