Softball Doctor welcomes back all cricket lovers to a bright and new season in 2010. Last year was a great season as Softball Doctor had the biggest softball game in softball history (Demerara vs Berbice) which as everyone knows was a great success. We promise to make this season a much better one as Friday night softball continues this year and expect a lot more teams to take part in the season.

As everyone can remember the Easter weekend festivities, we as the Softball Doctor’s would like to recapture the festivities by holding their first ever Easter weekend 10 overs knock out competition. This will be held on April 4th, 2010. This would be a great event to bring out your family and friends and enjoy a lovely day at the park while watching some great cricket.

The entrance fee for this competition will be $300 a team with eight teams participating.
The winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and the runners-up $300.
We think it would be a fantastic way to start season with these incentives.
Refreshments will be provided. Remember the slots for the competition is limited so call us early to reserve your spot.

Contact info:
Imran Khan (347) 600-4216
Asif Ally (917) 270-7678
Javed Ally (917) 416-5270
Kris Sohbai (646) 462-7037
Feiaz Samad (347)776-6696