Third Time Lucky For Samuel Ogle Middle School In The Gold Division Third Time Lucky For Samuel Ogle Middle School In The Gold Division
Middle Schools Championship Matches Recap

Third Time Lucky For Samuel Ogle Middle School In The Gold Division

AtlanticNews May 30, 2017 admin

After losing the first two WAMS Gold Division Championship Games to Kenmoor in 2015 and to Sharks in 2016, Samuel Ogle went all the way this year defeating Sharks (Bonnie Branch) in a well played game.

The title capped off Ogle’s undefeated season. It was a very competitive game, and the fans were on the edge of their seats. But it was so good to see the parents and players from both teams cheering on the other team. Many of the players from both teams play together for the Bowie Bulldogs Travel Cricket Teams.

The players, coaches and parents displayed the true spirit of the game. Both head coaches, Paul Zacharski and Kareem Syed, did a fantastic job to keep the players focused and motivated throughout the entire season. And most importantly, their players had fun throughout.

Samuel Ogle batted first and scored 74 runs. Joseph Zacharski had a game high of 14 runs. Yuwnas Muhammad scored 13 runs and Joshua Lesesne scored 9 runs. Sharks’ Arjun Muley had 3 wickets (outs). Harshil Agarwal, Thomas Magsino, and Shuaib Syed got 1 wicket each.

Sharks batted next and could only muster a total of 52 runs. Tight bowling and good fielding from Samuel Ogle limited the runs for Sharks. The Sharks Captain Shuaib Syed top-scored with 10 runs and his younger brother Aahil Syed scored a well-earned and hard-fought 7 runs. Aahil is in elementary school and playing up in age and doing well. Joshua Lesesne took 3 wickets for Samuel Ogle. Benjamin Varghese and Nathan Zacharski both got 2 wickets each, and Sheroze Ali got 1 wicket. A key play for Ogle was when Sheroze took a high catch to dismiss the threatening Shuaib.

First Timer Bobcats 1 Wins Silver Division Title
Bobcats 1 (with players from Burleigh Manor Middle School) batted first and scored 85 runs. Justin Won had a game high of 25 runs. Andy Diep scored 9 runs. Shady Grove’s Jameson Metz, Suyash Aryal, and Dominic Barrow each took 1 wicket.

Shady Grove batted next and scored 61 runs. Jameson Metz top-scored with 18 runs and Suyash Aryal scored 14 runs.  Bobcats’ Justin Won, Taseen Forhad, and Rohan Kyasa each got 2 wickets. Aaryan Jadhav, Pranav Prakash and Souri Medepalli got 1 wicket each.