Trip To Guyana Postponed

News September 6, 2011 admin 0

The Friends of Former Guyana Cricketers (FFGC) group has postponed its trip to Guyana from next month to next year.

A number of ex Guyana players are members of the Friends of Former Guyana Cricketers group. From left back row: Linden Fraser, Deryck Kallicharran, Milton Pydanna, Collie Solomon and Amarnauth Ramcharitar. Sitting from left: Ray Joseph, Leslaine Lambert and Terry Etwaroo.

An exhibition game featuring past Guyana players, who are members, playing against one of selected players based in Guyana, was the feature activity of the trip during which the late Guyana opening batsman Andrew Lyght was to be honored.

The trip, for which that exhibition game is still on,  will be now be made early next year to coincide with anniversary celebrations by DCC club of which Lyght was a prominent member.

Financial proceeds for the postponed game was to be presented to Lyght’s family.

The New York-based FFGC comprises a number of past Guyana national players like Derrick Kallicharran, Tyrone Etwaroo, Leslaine Lambert, Ray Joseph, Milton Pydanna, Amarnauth Ramcharitar and Linden Fraser.

Its purpose is to raise funds to aid past Guyana national players, who resides or resided primarily in Guyana. A few fund raising events were help in Queens this year.

Meanwhile former world record test wicket holder Lance Gibbs has indicated an interest in joining the group. Gibbs is based in Florida and expressed his interest in an e-mail to the group which had written to him.