New York Tristate Youth and Women Cricket Development Organization will be hosting their annual Women’s International Twenty 20 cricket tournament on Memorial Day weekend and are inviting female players to participate. This tournament will be held at Gateway Park in Brooklyn, New York and will be held in conjunction with the New York Cricket Region.

New York Tristate was founded in 2003 and has the honor of starting Women’s cricket in the USA and sending a team to the Caribbean championship the same year. The team currently consists of a group of former international and national players such as Indomattie Goordial, Candacy Aktins, Triholder Marshall, Mona Persaud, Lorena Vetay, Melissa Sandy, Leona Barker, amongst others. Special guest player will be upcoming rising star from Toronto, Canada, fifteen year old Achini Perera. The Tristate Women’s team is the current USA National Champions and has never been defeated on American soil.

The objective of this tournament is to bring a high level of women’s cricket to the USA. The tournament will be played in a single round robin format with three games each day on May 23rd and 24th. The Third and Fourth place together with Finals will be played on May 25th. The matches will be played in accordance with the ICC Women’s Twenty 20 Playing Conditions with variations of the Laws of Cricket (2000 Code- 4th Edition, 2010) and as amended to local conditions.

Other teams participating in this tournament will be the Legacy International Women Cricketers, the Firebirds cricket team from California and a New York Region team.

All interested players can contact Indomattie Goordial at 347-987-6704 or Mona Persaud at