Fourteen players are expected to be selected from the a squad of 18 identified to participate in a High Performance training camp in Barbados from August 6-16, as well as a few matches while there. This in preparation for the USA’s participation in the ICC Global Women’s World Cup Qualifier in Bangladesh later this fall.

Shinehead Emerson one of the new faces in the squad. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

The training camp squad is Joan Alexander-Serrano, Candacy Atkins, Anahita Arora, Karen Bayles, Claudine Beckford, Shebani Bhaskar, Doris Francis, Sanuja Dabade, Monique Mathee, Shinehead Emerson, Nadia Gruny, Indomatie Goordial-John, Triholder Marshall, Akshatha Rao, Erica Rendler, Melissa Sandy, Samantha Ramautar, and Shondell Ward.

Another camp is anticipated in the USA, before the selected team and officials leave for Bangladesh in November.