Remembering our Fallen Cricket Colleagues
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 43rd Anniversary) – We often tell stories of decades of selflessness and ultimate sacrifices of our fallen colleagues in the cricket community, and we do so in warm quiet tongues as the ‘golden years’ roll by. Memorial Day encompasses a lot of pride. This nation has... Read more
Friends United Defeated Brooklyn Lycans To Capture BCANA T20 Championship
Congratulations to Friends United after winning the Bangladesh Cricketers’ Alliance of North America (BCANA) T20 Championship, and Brooklyn Lycans for finishing as the Runners Up. The five weeks tournament came to a fitting end when the two undefeated teams met in the final encounter. There was a large group... Read more
Remembering Our Fallen Cricket Colleagues
By Sham AliThe Gods smiled and made this a glorious day and we felt the presence of our fallen colleagues in our company. It is 11:30am. The conditions were perfect for cricket, brilliant sunshine under clear blue skies, and the breeze felt like a gentle Caribbean breeze off the... Read more