Big Dreams And Young Legs

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By Linden Dodson In Washington last summer something great occurred in a cricket tournament that will affect all involved for a life time. After two days of cricket in the Eastern Conference Tournament hosted by Atlantic Region, a star studded New York Region Team was reduced to third place... Read more

Eastern American

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News from Eastern American Cricket League. Read more
Here are a few of my columns. Read more
Here are a few of my columns. Read more


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List of all the leagues in new york city. Read more

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Carl Hooper abruptly quit international cricket, not because he wanted to be mean, rather the former West Indies captain feels he was forced out of the team well before his planned departure. ‘The info I had coming back to me indicated I was not needed anymore, it was like... Read more
Now that the clubs have spoken with their resounding vote in favor of the new United States of America Cricket Association (USACA) constitution, one could say with confidence that half the job is done. Most of the fear that hovered over the cricket fraternity over the possibility of a... Read more
West Indies left India this week still searching for answers they sought before arriving on the sub continent in preparation for the World Cup. The four-match series was intended to be the final rehearsal before the Caribbean squad plays host to the world’s premier competition. Instead the management is... Read more
Cricket administration in New York has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. Competitions have improved in standard and quantity with every passing year, training programs intensify every summer and fan interest is spreading all the time. Therefore it is not surprising the leaders of the Region are taking... Read more