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ACF Offers 10 Reasons Why USA Cricket Should Unite Behind It

ACF Sees Rapid 2017 Membership Sign-Up

The Board of the American Cricket Federation (ACF) today announced FREE 2017 membership to its existing members, as well as those seeking membership; and for all ACF membership categories.

In addition, the ACF offered 10 reasons why the cricket community should rally under the organization’s banner for the unification of all USA cricket.

This extraordinary step anticipates the long-awaited and overdue arrival of appropriate governance for US cricket. ACF disapproves of USACA’s unilateral action in amending material aspects of the proposed ICC/SFAG constitution (See “Review” here). The changes seem little more than a thinly veiled attempt to retain influence and control. Irrespective of these maneuverings, the ACF Board has concluded that the outcome and the long-term future of cricket in the USA will properly reside in the hands of new management, in a reconstituted National Governing Body (NGB).

The ACF Board has been very supportive and active in ICC’s efforts, continuing its drive to reform governance towards ideals of professionalism, democracy and integrity. It notes however that future success will require the involvement and support of the great silent majority of players, clubs, leagues and other constituencies, to bring about the unity necessary to get USA cricket back on track. The critical early years of a new NGB will need significant co-ordination, cooperation and unity of purpose.

Accordingly, ACF has moved to offer its contribution to accomplishing such goals:
• ACF is poised to accept the ICC/SFAG’s original constitution.*
• ACF is willing to help mobilize the unification of all US cricketers, for the good of USA cricket.
• Upon the ultimate establishment of a new NGB under an agreed constitution, ACF will recommend the transfer of its complete membership roll to the new NGB.
• ACF’s hard-working pool of talented cricket administrators pledges to work for a unified cricket community and the success of the sport in the USA.

So why join the ACF or renew your membership right now?
1. It doesn’t cost anything!
2. Be part of a revitalized movement for a new era in US cricket.
3. ACF will directly aid your entry to membership in a new NGB jointly approved by ACF and ICC.
4. It will help assure the security, diversity and integrity of the new NGB and democratic elections.
5. ACF will invite all leagues to enter the American Cricket Champions League (ACCL) through regional competitions, and to qualify for the ACCL championship – seen as the prototype for ICC’s goal of future national championships.
6. ACF continues to offer first-rate group insurance for clubs and leagues at significantly reduced rates.
7. ACF will seek competitive pricing for the purchase of quality cricket balls and other essential supplies.
8. ACF is a forum in which you can freely and openly engage for objective dialog and updates.
9. Transparency, accountability and respect for all.
10. EVERYONE is welcome – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, culture, gender or national origin.

ACF is encouraging all to join the American Cricket Federation and/or make a donation here.

*Like the majority of cricketers, we have not been able to review the ICC’s original constitution. However, many key aspects appear to mirror ACF’s governance. ACF members will have a prompt opportunity to review and vote to confirm approval and the establishment of a new NGB.

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