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Qureshi Has Big Role Says ICC Official

Qureshi Has Big Role Says ICC Official

Muhammad Qureshi of US Open T20 tournament with Eric Parthen, ICC America Project Manager.

Qureshi Has Big Role Says ICC Official

Eric Parthen (right), with Muhammad Qureshi (second from right) and others from US Open T20 tournament.

Top cricket official Muhammad Qureshi has a big role to play if cricket in America is to get back on good footing. This is according to ICC Project Manager for America, Eric Parthen.

Parthen new to the role visited the US Open T20 tournament on the weekend and paid glowing tribute to Qureshi and the rest of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA), promoters of the US Open T20 tournament.

Parthen told MaqTV that he is enjoying his role as project manager and has noticed that the US Open is the only big tournament in North America. “I am very happy to be here for this tournament and what I have seen, I am very pleased. The organizers seem to have done a lot of work in planning this tournament and I must say that all looks well. We need big tournaments like these for cricket to move forward in America.

“I have enjoyed my stint thus far and there is much more work to be done. I have been moving around all over the US and cricket is being played by a large number of people. However, we need a good structure, with everyone heading in the same direction for the game to improve.

“Qureshi is one of the people with the passion for the game and if cricket is the US is to get back on the right footing, he has a big role to play. I am glad that our players can compete against all these professionals from outside the country because all that can do is to improve their game.”

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