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Tons For Sheraz Ali Khan And Jefery Scott, Hyron Shallow Hits Unbeaten Double Ton

Hyron Shallow
Hyron Shallow
Hyron Shallow struck an unbeaten 201 in Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board League.

Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board League
Doronto Tigers Cricket Club vs Gladiators

On 6/15/2019 in the Washington Metropolitan Cricket Board league, Doronto Tigers Cricket club won by 162 runs against Gladiators. Doronto Tigers CC asked to take first strike and compiled 331 for 6 from 40 overs, Hyron Shallow former St. Vincent and Grenadines and Windward Islands player struck a master class 201 not out, Mohammed Ershad 69 and extras 33. Bowling for Gladiators, Samiul Hassan 8/1/27/2, Naweed Ammar 8/0/86/2. Gladiators in reply were bundled out for 169, Vijay Kumar Chalasani 43 and extras 32. Bowling for Doronto Tigers CC, John Mojumder 8/0/40/5.

DC Tigers vs DC Royals Cricket Club
DC Tigers won by 130 runs when they met DC Royals Cricket Club. DC Tigers 221/8, Gowkaran Roopnarine 55, Christopher Vantull 39, Narsingh Deonarine 37 and extras 42 (24 wides). Bowling for Royals, Baber Agha 8/1/18/3, Rikin Parikh 8/1/51/2. DC Royals Cricket club 91 all out, Baber Aghar 19. Bowling for DC Tigers, Narsingh Deonarine 6/2/19/5 and Junaid Saeed 4/1/12/3.

Former West Indies player Narsingh Deonarine picked up 5 for 19 against DC Royals. Photo courtesy of WICB Media/Ashley Allen

Spartan vs Windies Cricket Club
Spartan Cricket Club won by 175 runs against Windies Cricket Club. Spartan 301/9 from 40 overs, Sheraz Ali Khan 131, Amir Zia 59, Raja Herman 7/0/54/3, Stephon Singh 7/0/57/2. Windies Cricket Club 122 all out, Stephano Singh 32 not out, Kareem Bacchus 22. Bowling for Spartan, Mohammed Niaz 6.1/0/25/3 and Sheraz Ali Khan 4.2/0/10/2.

Southern Connecticut Twenty20
Bridgeport Cricket Club vs Hampden Combine X1

On 6/15/2019 Bridgeport Cricket Club defeated Hampden Combine X1 by 20 runs. Richard Ricketts 76, Gavin Smith 19, David Artwell 16. Bowling for Hampden Combine, Anthony Tulo 4/0/22/2, Anthony Hemmington 4/0/27/1. Hampden Combine 148/8 from 20 overs, Mark Audain 26, Gavin Dacres 22. Bowling for Bridgeport Cricket Club, David Artwell 4/0/45/3, Sean Edwards 4/0/9/1 and Trevor Smith 4/0/27/1.

Cavaliers Cricket Club vs New Heaven Eagles
Cavaliers Cricket Club won by 10 wickets against New Heaven Eagles as they were all out for 53, Wayne Clennon 3/1/4/3 and Sheldon Smith 3.1/0/4/3. Cavaliers Cricket Club 54 without loss, Rohan Taylor 31 and Shan Thelwell 14, both batsmen were unbeaten.

Cavaliers Cricket Club vs New Milford Cricket Club
Cavaliers Cricket Club won by 5 wickets when they played against New Milford Cricket Club. The latter posted 105/6 from 20 overs, Sam Verma 16 not out, Dulson Hemans 4/1/19/2, Richard Miller 3/1/13/1 and Sheldon Smith 4/0/14/1. Cavaliers Cricket Club 108/5 from 19.1 overs, Gareth Matthews 48, Wayne Clennon 33, Sam Verma 4/0/16/2 and Ishan Masood 2/0/15/2.

Jameel Morgan picked up 4 for 33 and then hit an unbeaten 79.

Georgia Supreme Cricket League 40/40
NCA Mavericks vs Atlanta Startling Sports Club

NCA Mavericks won by 8 wickets vs Atlanta Startling Sports Club. NCA Mavericks 166 all out Raja Yeruva 33, John Bazley 27, Jameel Morgan 8/2/33/4, Orande Pearson 7/024/3 and Jessie Alexander 5.4/0/30/2. Atlanta Starling Sports Club 170/2, Jameel Morgan 79 not out, Orande Pearson 40, Shashane Anderson 28, Reja Yeruva 2/0/30/1 and Madan Addala 2/0/30/1.

United vs UBA Rattlers
United won against UBA Rattlers by 25 runs. United posted 265/7 from 40 overs, Jefery Scott 105 not out, Mukesh Seelal 68, Romash Muma 23, Glenn Atkins 7/0/49/4 and Kayon Omar Watson 8/2/35/2. UBA Rattlers 240 all out, Tyron Gayle 91, Kayon Omar Watson 41, Omar Morgan 23, Extras 38 (27 wides). Ulrick Clarke 8/0/30/3, Jefery Scott 8/038/3 and Cleve Lambert 8/037/3.

Brooklyn Cricket League 40/40
Junoon vs Brooklyn Challengers

Junoon beat Brooklyn Challengers by 8 wickets. Brooklyn Challengers 98 all out, Bedar Shabbir 34, Shaharyar Mian 6/1/11/5 and Tanvir Ahmed 1.3/0/3/2. Junoon 102/2, Syed Haider Ali 47, Wyne Ahmed 26. Usman Riaz 4/0/27/1 and Shakeel Rauf 1/0/1/1.

Middlesex vs Desie Hitters
Middlesex vs Desie Hitters results pending. Middlesex CC 178 all out, Hyron Shallow 79, Sunil Orie 23, Mohammed Ali Bajwa 3.1/0/30/2, Adnad Perviaz 4/0/34/2, Wajid Sultan 5/0/28/1, Rizwan Ahmed 3/0/11/1. Desie Hitters 126/6 from 27 overs when the rain came, Rizwan Ahmed 46, Sulman Perviaz 32 not out, Adnad Perviaz 18 not out, Treldon McMillan a fantastic spell 7/0/30/2, Alston Bacchus 5/0/13/2 and Mark Audain 3/0/23/1.
Eastern Cricket Conference

Montego Sports Club vs Virginia Tech Cricket Club
On 6/15/2019 Montego Sports Club won by 36 runs vs Virginia Tech Cricket Club. Montego Sports Club 148 all out, Anthony Sahadeo 58, Jeba Singh 20, extras 32. Yogendra Patel 8/0/38/3, Abhishek Sose 5.1/1/29/3. Virginia Tech Cricket Club 112 all out, Shivarn Chourey 12, Nilanjan Ghosh 6/1/16/4, Lauron Francios 7/0/27/2, Anthony Sahadeo 8/1/13/2.

Report compiled by Mark Audain, if you would like to post your scores please contact him at or WhatsApp at 516-587-3290.

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