Essequibo Wins Guyana Cup Championship
By Sam SooppersaudPictured above is the victorious Essequibo team. Photo courtesy of Sharma Shawn SukhdeoAs the fairytale says…. the golden slippers fit her feet and Cinderella won the heart of the Prince. Essequibo, the Cinderella County of Guyana, had the correct fit, and waltzed away with the championship of... Read more
New York Can Become Mecca For America’s Cricket…… USA Director Ajith Bhaskar
By Orin DavidsonHe hails from Bangalore, one of India’s most progressive cricket cities, home of the popular IPL RCB Challengers franchise and where the game is more than a religion among residents. For Ajith Bhaskar, who left for New York many years ago, New York has the potential to... Read more
2017 NYMWIA T20 Tournament Continues This Weekend
By Sam Sooppersaud Cricket fans, the summer may be over, fall may be here with the nice hot days of summer behind us, with the chilly breeze cutting through our bodies, once in a while. But, despite these drawbacks, you do not have to starve yourselves of watching some... Read more
Everest Crowned 2016 NY Masters Champion!

Despite a gallant inning from Sudesh Dhaniram, the Bleachers Masters fell short to Everest Masters, when the two cricketing giants in the New York Masters Cricket League met in the Finals

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State Senator Roxanne Persaud Bowls First Ball

It could be said that Sunday, September 11, 2016, was Finals Day for at least two cricket leagues in New York City; the Eastern American Cricket Association (EACA) and the New York Metropolitan Cricket League

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There is a tendency by some people to give up in the face of insurmountable odds, to simply give up; throw in the towel; to “let the pieces fall any-which-way.”

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In order for mainstream America to adopt another summer pastime (cricket), the cricket fraternity must concentrate its efforts on harnessing the interest of the youngsters.

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By Sam Sooppersaud A couple of years ago, the President of the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA), Mr. Gladstone Dainty, published an article in which he openly said that the only way cricket can become a mainstream sport in America is if we can get the native... Read more
By Tony Hinds & Sam Sooppersaud After 30 years of competing in the American Cricket League (ACL), with much success, the Queens United Cricket Club, housed at the beautiful Idlewild Cricket Complex in Rosedale, Queens, New York, has decided to compete in the New York Metropolitan District Cricket League,... Read more
By Sam Sooppersaud The sport of cricket is gaining much popularity in New York City, as well as nationally. This fact is recognized by the New York City Parks Department, which has developed at least eight fields in the New York metropolitan area, for the use of cricket only.... Read more