When The Lions Are Asleep The Cubs Will Play
(Celebrating 45th Anniversary – Match #1265 / 20240704):- It has been dubbed as the matchup for the ages. The challenge was real. The banter was aplenty on the Cosmos chat group and the age gap was as wide as the Atlantic ocean, but nothing skites can prevent this clash... Read more
Cosmos Dance Where Eagles Dare
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 45th Anniversary – Match #1266 / 20240707):- Marine park was burnt and bone dry as the heat wave continues with temperature and humidity hovering in the upper nineties. It was good day to detour to the beach, but Cosmos boys had a match to play and... Read more
Sunil Narine and Royo Sankar Lead Cosmos Masters to Victory
By Shivnan S. RamjattanLast Saturday, Cosmos Masters faced Connecticut Masters in Bridgeport, Connecticut, under slightly altered conditions due to a late arrival that reduced their allotted 35 overs to 31. Cosmos won the toss and elected to field first on the picturesque cricket ground. Connecticut Masters’ openers, Irvin Spencer... Read more
Cosmos Went South on Hudson
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 45th Anniversary – Match #1255 / 20240603):- Cosmos made the trip to South Hudson cricket club in New Jersey last Sunday, and apart from the low-level officiating, they missed a very good opportunity to capitalize on good batting conditions with a series of injudicious shots after... Read more
Cosmos Tame Jaguars
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 45th Anniversary – Match #1254 / 20240526):- A good all-round performance for Cosmos last Sunday at Cunningham Park against Amazon Jaguars bodes well for the team in these early stages of the competition. Devindra Balgobin, deputized for the absent Ryan Ganesh, won the toss and elected... Read more
Cosmos Celebrated 44th Anniversary
By Sham Ali | Photo Gallery(Celebrating 44th Anniversary) – Cosmos Cricket Club, in their own simple, unique way, celebrated their 44th Anniversary at their Annual Presentation Awards Dinner last Sunday at the elegant Nanking Restaurant in New Hyde Park. It was grand. It was beautiful, and it was special.... Read more
Cosmos In A Thriller Against Staten Island
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 44th Anniversary – (Match #1240):- Glorious uncertainties can sometimes be translated into a comedy thriller, however, it would have been difficult to write the script of what transpired at Walker Park in Staten last Sunday when Cosmos and Staten Island battled in the T20 competition of... Read more
Cosmos Crumbled Against Warriors
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 44th Anniversary – (Match #1232):- The occasion was ripe for a showdown with Cosmos on a high and Warriors on the hunt as both teams stared at an open spot in semi-finals in the New York National Cricket League 30 overs Round Robin competition. Hot and... Read more
Cosmos Spar With Renegades
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 44th Anniversary – (Match #1231):- Then there are six. Cosmos is one of them. The New York National Cricket League (NYNCL) thirty overs Round Robin competition is coming to a close and the last round of the competition was on fire since none of the six... Read more
Cosmos Ruffed-Up Warriors
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 44th Anniversary – (Match #1231):- Sohan Dass, the former Guyana National player, dug deep into his wealth of experience and repertoire of selected strokes and delivered a telling rearguard effort to defeat Warriors at Randalls Island last Sunday. In a crucial decider for a playoffs spot,... Read more