Jaguars And Gujarat Lions Ahead In T10 Tournament
By Sudharsan RamaraoThe 2021 cricketing season in Capital District of NY kicked off in May with the curtain raiser T10 tournament, nine teams were split into 2 groups with 4 teams in Group A and 5 teams in Group B. The top 2 teams from each group advance to... Read more
Good Vybz Wins A Thriller Against Highlanders

Good Vybz needed 19 runs to win from the last two overs. Kelvin Sawh and Mahesh Dassram, playing a sublime inning were at the center. Junaid Khan was having the ball.

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Ashok Adikoppula’s Six-wicket Haul Routs RPI

Modern day cricket can sometimes be called the batsmen’s game. Small grounds, big bats and a number of regulations that favor big hitting, have all contributed to this opinion. As much as it is true, the counter opinion is also true.

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Highlanders Reign In Super Over Thriller

There is always something about the Knock Out games. They don’t give you a second chance. If you win, you stay alive. You lose, you go home. And when you don’t have a second chance, giving your best and playing to your potential is the only way to stay in.

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Highlanders Win Despite Harsh Jogi’s Heroics

Adversity is the best teacher one can get in life. For it takes away all your luxury, pushes you away from your comfort zone, in to territories that you would have not gone otherwise.

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JETS Fly Above Highlanders

The sun was beating down, but the overnight rains had left the pitch damp and the outfield wet. Conventional wisdom would have dictated the toss-winning team to field first.

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