Yugesh Shivpersaud Held The Reins For Cosmos
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1176):- Well, it has been another one of those unceremonious encounters where a youthful local bread, Cosmos, took on a top heavy franchise outfit, Galaxy, at Bayswater Park last Sunday. After all the shenanigans before the toss and the decision to bowl... Read more
Daniel Chunilall Performance Gave Cosmos Some Much Needed Steam
By Sham Ali(Celebrating 42nd Anniversary – Match #1175):- Cosmos boys rallied around Daniel Chunilall all-round performance last Sunday against New York Kings at Flushing Meadows Park, but his gallant effort was not enough to get them over the line. The Chunilall brothers, Daniel and Alex will be a dominant... Read more