By Cricketcountry Staff
Kieran Powell is stuck to his dream of Major League Baseball (MLB) though he is likely to step towards gaining a spot in the West Indies side. This left-handed batsman opted to try his luck at baseball was invited to New York Mets’ training camp in Florida over winter. His interest in taking up baseball was the positive feedback he received through this opportunity including MLB. Unfortunately, Powell has kept his aims on hold with Windies coach Philip Simmons calling him back to the field after staying away from the game for a year, playing two First-Class matches. Powell made a remarkable come back on the field representing Leewards Islands with a half-century last month that has made him available in International cricket once more.

Kieran Powell bats during and ODI game. WICB Media Photo/Randy Brooks

Kieran Powell bats during an ODI game. WICB Media Photo/Randy Brooks

In conversation with Press Association Sport, “Obviously cricket has always been my first love. It’s something that comes naturally to me and I’m really good at it. That’s why I’m back playing first-class cricket. I’m fully ready whenever they (West Indies) need me. Phil Simmons wanted me to play the games to make myself eligible for selection. I’ve fulfilled my end of the bargain.” Powell has played 50 matches for West Indies so far and has showcased his talents in Test side as well with two tons in a game against Bangladesh at Dhaka in 2012. Powell further added, “I saw that (selector) Courtney Browne had mentioned my name in an interview saying something about opening batsmen and positions being available. I think my return has already opened the minds of the selectors to my possible return to international cricket.”

Powell aims to play both the sports as he was equally appreciated in both the sports, “I want to play both sports and be in the mold of (former MLB and NFL players) a Deion Sanders or a Bo Jackson. Baseball is a great sport, it’s a great opportunity that I had and I’m learning from it and enjoying it. The trial that I had at the Mets facility, it was a really amazing facility, everything was well organized and well ran. Lots of teams are actually interested in seeing me again, obviously because that was the first time that they’d seen me and they like to look at players over a longer period of time, they want to see players in camps, see how they work out for them so that they can test specific things as opposed to just a general workout.”

Powell feels he will be more confident to play at United States who last represented West Indies two years ago. “It’s the only sport that is somewhat similar to baseball because of the hand-eye coordination in terms of hitting a ball with a bat. I can see how the baseball training has really helped my batting in terms of picking up the ball and hitting the ball. I’m seeing it a lot easier, a lot earlier and am able to make up my mind what shots to play.” As for his return to cricket, Powell feels it is far from ideal, “It’s sort of like taking a shark out of water and then setting it back in. You need to learn to swim again.”

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