The USA Selection Panel added 19 players along with the original 31 (see names below) that will attend the upcoming trial in a bid to obtain a position on the Team USA squad ahead of World Cricket League Division 3 in Uganda in May. The trial will be held in Texas from March 16-19, 2017.

Abhimanyu Rajp

Abhimanyu Rajp is one of the nineteen players that is invited to the trial. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

Speaking about the process, Chairman of Selectors, Ricardo Powell said “the squad of 31 players named in the lead up to World Cricket League 4 last year were maintained and invited. However, some of this group is unfortunately injured or unavailable for this trial. The Selection Panel was also keen to see players from outside of this group, so we have invited a number of additional players to allow for two games per day so selectors can assess a greater number of players.”

“When considering players to add to the trial the panel wanted to predominantly focus on youth players, young guys who stood out at Combines last year or in previous USA U-19 teams. It will be good to give them some additional exposure in this environment. Those young players are accompanied by a couple more experienced players who have been consistent performers in the US and abroad.”

“We wish all players the best for some highly competitive cricket, as we look to select a strong and well-balanced squad capable of winning World Cricket League 3.”

Original 31 Players:
Adil Bhatti, Akeem Dodson, Alex Amsterdam, Amanjot Lobana, Arjun Thyagarajan, Danial Ahmed, David Pieters, Davion Davidson, Elmore Hutchinson, Fahad Babar, Francis Mendonca, Hammad Shahid, Japen Patel, Jasdeep Singh, Keon Lake, Muhammad Ahsan Ali Khan, Muhammad Asad Ghous, Naseer Jamali, Nicholas Standford, Nisarg Patel, Nosthush Kenjige, Prashanth Nair, Ravi Timbawala, Saqib Saleem, Shiva Vashishat, Srini Santhanam, Steven Taylor, Timil Patel, Timroy Allen, Usman Rafiq, Abdullah Syed.

Players added to existing squad and attending:
Abhimanyu Rajp, Ahmed Butt, Ali Samad, Camilus Alexander, Charan Singh, Ferhan Ali, Gauranshu Sharma, Ibrahim Khaleel, Javein Thomas, Mrunal Patel, Omari Williams, Randall Wilson, Roy Silva, Sagar Patel, Sahaj Patel, Shuja Navqi, Srinivas Raghavan, Sunil Kumar, Tohidal Islam

Invited but unavailable or injured:
Abhijit Joshi, Dwayne Smith, Ishmael Parchment, Keifer Phill, Kush Ganji, Savan Patel