The following are the highlights from the Region’s budget recently approved for 2012.

1. 2012 is the second year of the two year cycle and as such the total funds available will be the actual spend in 2011 less the two year total for the cycle. It is estimated that amount will be $ 1,117,300.  The breakdown by major category will be :

Operating Expenses-$439,700
Member Service-$285,100

Member Service Breakdown:
Development Support-$160,100
Regional Grants-$125,000

2. The Annual Development Forum for all 17 members will now be held every two years with the 2013 Forum to be hosted by Argentina. In the “off” years, like 2012, a special Executive Meeting consisting of the Associates CEOs (or equivalent), the Affiliates Representative and invited guests like the WICB will meet with ICC Americas regional staff at the regional office headquarters.

3. The Women’s Division 1 will be extended to six teams to include the Cayman Islands who are now eligible to take part. A possible date and location is to be confirmed, but it is expected either to be in April in the Cayman Islands or March in Argentina.

The U19 Division 2 will be held in August and hosted in Nickerie, Suriname.
Teams will be ICC eligible from the 2011 U19 Division 1 are Argentina, Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands, and from 2010 U19 Division 2 are Suriname and Belize. The winner of 2012 U19 Division 2 will be promoted to U19 Division 1 for the 2013 tournament to qualify for the 2014 U19CWC.
Countries applying for entry into the U19 competition Division 3 must prove to the regional office a domestic structure is in place as per the membership criteria.

The U17 Tournament is scheduled for Florida, USA in April. This tournament with teams from Bermuda, Canada and the USA will also act as a selection camp for the Americas Development Team going to the Sir Garfield Sobers Tournament in Barbados. Players from these three teams will be joined by nominated players from the other 3 Associate members to form the Americas Development Team.

The Americas Region will enter a representative team in the U19 WICB tournament to be held in Guyana in August.

4. Member Services – Development Support $ 160,100

Level 1 Coaching Courses are scheduled in the following countries:  Suriname, USA, Bermuda, Canada, Bahamas and Panama (Spanish).

A level 2 Coaching Course in a central location to be confirmed will be held for interested Level 1 coaches.

An umpire and scoring course is scheduled for Suriname.

Performance enhancing visits are planned for Bermuda, Suriname, Argentina, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, USA and Canada.

Governance and Administration:  A CEO Executive meeting planned for Toronto in May. Teleconference calls for the Development Committee Meetings, and a Planning Committee meeting. Funds are also provided for the Annual face to face meeting with ICC Americas staff and the FM the WICB.

Special Projects: Exploration of possible affiliate El Salvador and other new developing territories.

Camps and Academies: HP Camp for age group 19-21, Staffing and arranging U15 if required by members, A Spanish HP Camp for U25 in Argentina for Spanish speaking members. A possible improvement camp in Limon, Costa Rica…

Direct Grants- A total of $ 125,000 is available for Direct Grants. A separate memo will cover the procedures and priorities of these grants for 2012.