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ACF Sees Rapid 2017 Membership Sign-Up

News April 20, 2017 admin

April 20, 2017: Since launching its 2017 Membership campaign earlier this month, the American Cricket Federation (ACF) has seen over one hundred sign-ups of League, Club and Individual Members in the first week.

“This is quite unprecedented and encouraging,” commented Mike Thomas, ACF’s Treasurer and Director in charge of membership, “certainly the fastest rate of recruitment since ACF’s inception in 2012.”

ACF was formed by US cricketers and stakeholders in 2012, in response to widely perceived electoral manipulation. Successive suspensions of the US national governing body by the ICC,  continuing dissatisfaction with prevailing level of electoral practices and lack of progress in the development of American cricket has sustained ACF’s appeal.

“No doubt the alignment with ACF is a sign of the times,” continued Thomas, “the frustration with narrow interests holding up ICC reforms is higher than it has ever been.”

ACF has, through its Chairman Jagan Jagannathan, played an active role in the Sustainable Foundation Advisory Group that participated in the ICC’s drafting of the new, unabridged USACA constitution. ACF has closely supported this initiative, as it has adopted many of the checks and balances found in ACF’s own constitution.

ACF encourages all cricket clubs, leagues, individual players and fans in the US, to unite with ACF to create a unified movement of stakeholders, committed to ICC support and the rule of integrity in governance.

To support this movement, visit  and register your voice by becoming a member of the American Cricket Federation.