Aditi Chudasama, a.k.a. Ba, is a USA national women’s cricket all-rounder who bowls right-arm off-spin. The 18-year-old New Jersey native has a high score of 94 with the bat in a USA domestic tournament, batting right-handed. She was named MVP against a UAE U-19 XI with figures of 3-0-6-3.

Aditi Chudasama
Aditi Chudasama bats during the ICC Women’s Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2023. Photo courtesy of ICC recently caught up with the Gemini-born New Brunswick High School senior for a quick chat on her cricket career. Who has been your biggest inspiration or role model in cricket, and why?
Viral Kohli is my biggest role model and inspiration for this sport. Since I started playing the sport, I knew I wanted to bat like him. I admire his aggression, hunger for runs, and passion for winning games, and I’ve admired and hoped to channel those traits. I’ve tried to learn from his attitude on and off the field. Can you highlight a moment in your career that you consider a turning point or a significant achievement?
The turning point in my career was my four wickets against UAE in our U-19 series, where I contributed to the win through my bowling. It opened many doors for me, and I contributed to my team in South Africa at the U-19 World Cup through bowling. What changes or improvements would you like to see in supporting and recognizing women’s cricket?
The most significant change we need to see is more games. More games for the U19 girls and more for the women. Let there be more series’ where the girls can test themselves in different conditions against different teams. Matches like these will improve our game and match awareness and thinking. Can you share a memorable team moment or bonding experience?
The most memorable bonding experience has to be the fourth game against UAE. It was a must-win game for us to level the series and set up for a series win. We also got to play at the Ring of Fire Stadium. We were defending a low total on Thanksgiving, and our captain, very admired within our group, said to give it our blood, sweat, and tears, and that’s what we did. The emotions were at an all-time high, and our group really, really came together as a group and made the win happen. Are there specific aspects of your training routine that you find particularly crucial for your performance?
Some aspects of my training routine are definitely non-negotiable. Fielding is a crucial part of my training program. No matter what, I want to ensure I get a good amount of throws and catches in. How do you unwind or relax when not on the cricket field?
Apart from going on runs, I love to read. Usually, after games or the night before a game, I like to sit outside by the pool and read a good book. I love listening to music, baking, and catching up with friends.

Aditi Chudasama
Aditi Chudasama looking forward to mentoring young cricketers in the future. What are your personal and team goals for the future regarding cricket achievements?
My personal goals revolve around contributing to wins for the United States. I want to be a part of winning the Global Qualifiers and see the United States topping the table on a big platform among Associate Countries and go a level higher. As for personal goals, I want to play alongside, and against the cricketers, I have idolized and watched on TV and get the chance to share the field and gain and learn knowledge from them. Do you follow specific strategies or routines to maintain your well-being during busy cricket seasons?
I write in my journal after every game to ensure the lessons learned from each game stick with me. Are there any lessons or experiences from your journey that can benefit aspiring players? The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to enjoy the sport even when going through a rough patch. Sometimes, bad games often lead to overthinking. Still, it’s important to remember the joy you felt when you once started playing. You play the best when you love what you’re doing and want to win. As a current member of the USA Cricket squad, how would you describe the camaraderie and team spirit among the players?
The team spirit and camaraderie are both so welcoming. We are a really good unit that sticks together, and the credit for that goes to our captain, Sindhu. Not only is she a great senior and captain who leads from the front, but she keeps the team better and is there for everyone. We have all been playing together domestically for a long time, so it helps us as a team, and we continue to bond more. How do you see the future of women’s cricket evolving in the USA, and what role do you hope to play?
The talent in the USA is only growing upwards. Healthy competition is growing nationwide, and we are seeing great players pop up everywhere from a young age. With the 2028 Olympics and the upcoming U-19 World Cup, the sport’s popularity will only increase, hopefully inspiring many girls to pick up a bat or ball. I hope to be the mentor or senior friend to the young girls I once had growing up and when I started the sport.