Sunrise team at their presentation ceremony.

Sunrise Cricket Club 2012 Presentation

By Morris Seecharan
The Sunrise Cricket Club sponsored by Kaieteur Liberty at Liberty and 120th Street, and Ms. Vidya Bhagwat rewarded its members at their 2012 Annual dinner presentation of awards and dance which was held at their favorite’s Queens Buffet restaurant. A team which is built on the principles of compassion and giving by their late founder Mr. Hargobin Singh started that morning with the Sunrise members and families meeting, greeting and handing out toys from their annul toys drive to the kids in the pediatric ward at Jamaica hospital which was fitting. The elegant trophies, medals, and plaques handed at this event attain its objectives as spirited members with their families and friends partied all night enjoying the melodious music. This lot of members with their friends and families who were present at the various matches deserves the delicious food, and quality merriments offered to them on that exclusive night.

Sunrise cricketer of the year Deryck Basdeo poses with teammates.

One of the talked about achievements of the night was the 2012 Video slide which was produced by Mrs. Loretta Cheong a committed figure and skillful photographer of Sunrise.  The video slides with added music created a lively atmosphere as players, family, sponsor and supporters enjoyed their dinner watching a slide show of defining moments of Sunrise 2012 season. This was followed by the current assistant manager, Mr. Selwyn Cheong, welcoming and thanking the gathering to start the ball rolling for a unique, merry and triumphant night. The M.C. for the night’s proceeding, Mr. Morris Seecharan, Sunrise Manager, reiterated to the audience of the importance for the celebration.

The drawing of the team’s fund raising raffle was the first item on the night’s program. The buzz of winnings filled the air and the serenity that prevailed informed the organizers that the members in the audience wanted to be winners.  The following numbers were winners 1791, 2791, 0260, 1463, 0585, 0549, 0735, and 1569. Some of the numbers drawn belonged to individuals in the audience so the prizes were presented immediately. Sunrise thank all supporters for the 2012 raffle fundraising and in making it a grand success.

Vidya Bhagwat presents an award to Selwyn Cheong.

Next on the program was the presentation of trophies to the Members of the 2012 Team for their hard work and contribution in making the 2012 Softball season exciting and successful. That bunch of players demonstrated the true meaning of “Togetherness” as they were industrious in attaining their goals and their staunched efforts should be applauded. Most notable was having Ms. Vidya Bhagwat started the handing out the first set of trophies as she continues to be an exemplified Sunrise sponsor. Vidya’s insightful thinking and dignified gesture enlighten the heart of many members, and her intuition of giving back to community is an honorable step in helping to make a difference. Vidya certainly felt the adoration and admiration from members and supporters as she was thanked for sponsoring Sunrise over the years.

The individual 2012 competition awards presentation took center stage next as players productive performances were awarded and celebrated. In the 20 Overs competition the Highest Batting Aggregate and Runner up went to Roopnarine Dayal (Sunrise Captain) with 115 runs and Deryck Basdeo 65 respectively, as Roopnarine Dayal stamped his name to the Best Batting Average 57.5. For the bowling awards categories Khemraj Somaru and Ramjit Singh tied for Most Wickets – Runner Up as Rohit Kowlesser won the Most Wicket and Bes Bowling Average with Economy Rate of 5.5, and 11.00 Strike Rate. In the 25 Overs competition Highest Batting Aggregate-Runner Up Antonio Dallai capture it with 109 runs as Roopnarine Dayal stamped his name to the Most Aggregate runs with 172 and Best Batting Average with 28.67. In the bowling department the Most Wickets – Runner up was taken by Ramjit Singh with 10 as Deryck Basdeo took the Most wickets awards with 13 as Ramjit Singh deservingly earned the Bes Bowling Average award with an Economy Rate of 4.7, and 6.7 Strike Rate. The 30 Overs competition was defining for Sunrise as they made the final. In it the Highest Batting Aggregate-Runner Up was earned by Harris Khemlall with 113 runs while Wahab Hussain and Rohit Kowlesser tied for the Highest Aggregate. Harris Khemlall a prolific batsman gobbles up the Best Batting Average aware with 37.67. The bowling awards for Most Wickets – Runner up was achieved by Rohit Kowlesser with 20 as Deryck Basdeo unanimously walk away with the most wickets awards with 29 and the Bes Bowling Average with the Economy Rate of 3.3, and 6.3 Strike Rate.

Outstanding supporter Awad Singh (left) collects an appreciation plaque from Ramjit Singh

A special segment in the program was carved out to recognize Sponsers, Special Category awards to members, and Outstanding Supporter. Mr. Rabindranauth Koobial the owner of Kaieteur Liberty restaurant was recognized for sponsoring Sunrise 2012 Uniforms; Mr. Robin of Kaieteur a positive, proactive, forthright, and with steadfast conviction he express his commitment in helping to make difference in cricket a game of our culture. He not only sponsored Sunrise uniforms but lead the way in donating food to many key matches, and most notably the Hargo Memorial/Sunrise family day event; Ms. Vidya Bhagwat was presented a plaque and one of Sunrise winning 2012 trophy’s in appreciation for Sunrise 2012 team registration sponsorship and commitment; Mrs. Loretta Cheong was recognized in appreciation for her photography/coordinator services along with Mr. Selwyn Cheong whose contribution have no boundaries.  For the special Category awards to members Rohan Kowlesser was award Most Discipline Player for 2012 for not missing any games and his great sportsmanship in the game. The All Rounder/Leadership award was presented to Mr. Selwyn Cheong and Mr. Ravi Etwaroo for their abilities to play the game and mentoring their teammates. Most notable for their proactive approach in putting their team first and assisting in managing matters for thier club. Mr. Ramesh Gopaul and Mr. Kris Narine members and exceptional individuals in club who transported umpires and player to the games and provided much needed support to the team was awarded the Most Outstanding Members award for 2012. To close the curtain on the Special Category awards for 2012 Mr. Awad Singh Sunrise most senior supporter was awarded Most Outstanding Supporter for 2012. Mr. Singh graces the Sunrise team with his presence and support throughout the season which was gratifying. The Sunrise members were honored to have Mr. Singh among them at the game as he is inspirational. Also in the special recognition it was most fitting to have among us that night the Late Mr. Hargo Son Anupe his family. Anupe presence reminded us that our founder is the still the shining star that guides the Sunrise team and we thank him for that.

Anxiously awaited for were the awards the 2012 Full Season presentation awards. In the Batting category Roopnarine Dayal won the awards for Highest Aggregate with 384 runs, Best Batting Average with 32.76 and Highest Individual Score with 63. Dayal batting performance for the 2012 season was remarkable and unmatchable by his teammate. In comparison for the 2012 Bowling category Rohit Kowlesser was triumphant as he was awarded the Best Bowling Average with 5.28 economy rates, and 13.78 Strike Rate. However, Deryck Basdeo who was astonishingly commanding was awarded Most Wicket with 43. Khemraj Somaru a bowler with great class was the winner of the Best Bowling figure in a Match with 4 for 10 vs. Essequibo.

Finally for that night programs was the most anticipated moment of crowning the Junior Player of the Year and the Cricketer of the Year. Alix Hussein a player of great caliber and promising abilities was awarded Junior player of the Year. Alix performance was pivotal for the Team winning percentage with this bat, bowling, and the strong defense fielding abilities.. The night belonged to Deryck Basdeo, who was crowned the Cricketer of the 2012 season for Sunrise. He took charge in the bowling leading with 43 wickets, 2nd  in the bowling average and in the batting scoring 247 runs, scored the 2nd  Highest individual Score 55, led and set the team bowling and batting, and excelled in many big games for his team. Most importantly Deryck glowing personality of commitment and support earned him an ambassadorial character for his team, and he is well respected by his fellow teammates.  Deryck was the go to guy in many of Sunrise matches for the 2012 season and set many standards. The Sunrise members, family, and friends congratulate Alix and Deryck on their top notch achievement and recognition and wish them the best for the 2013 season.

During that night our members, sponsers, and supporter made their way through to the podium to receive awards with gratification. Also one could see their satisfaction and heard the appreciation from all presents especially their families were elating for their winnings.   The music mix by DJ Shaun satisfied the crowd. Spirits were high and if this is an indication for the future, Sunrise will return next year with high standard. Of notable mention on that night is the management of the Queens Buffet for hosting us another year, and their cooperation fitted in with our program. The food was excellent and the various dimensions available at the time of the presentation were of extreme importance to the success of the proceedings. Also we are grateful to Cricket Zone and Mr. Ravi Etwaroo for producing these exemplified trophies handed at that ceremony. Ravi take exception pride in his trophies and his dedicated personal service is unmatched by anyone in the Cricket supply business. Congratulations and thanks to all whom helped to make the event a tremendous success.