A ‘Who’s Who’ of American cricket have signed on to the important and Herculean work of creating a new cricket body and serve as its founding members.

In this august body are experienced cricket administrators such as Dr. Gangaram Singh, Tony Gilkes, John Aaron, and Atul Rai.  Also included are past and present league presidents such as Leighton Greenidge, Avinash Varma, Shahid Ahmed, Rudy Persaud, T’Shaka Lee, Masaood Yunus, Manas Sahu, Leslie Lowe, Kamal Azeez, Hemant Buch, Khalid Motiwala and Golam Sayeed.

Organizational leaders like Faoud Bacchus, Jagan Jagannathan, Ankur Saini, Garnet Lalputan, Kunal Patel, George Steir and Mahammad Qureshi have thrown their expertise into the mix.  One of the leading voices in USA cricket for the past 15 years, Dr. Sham Samaroo, is helping with laying the foundation.  Cricket coaches such as Arun Vittala, Naeem ul-Haq and Linden Fraser have stepped up, and so have bloggers Stephen Rooke and Venu Palaparthi.

Dedicated cricketers are represented: Rohan Chandran of the Stanford Cricket Club; Jay Singh, captain of the New Milford Cricket Club and a youth cricket organizer; Vijay Beniwal, captain in the Northwest Cricket League.

When this group of visionary individuals is examined as a whole, it is clear that the best and brightest of the American cricket landscape are now assembling under the ACF umbrella to “form a more perfect union.”

From these names will come a better brighter future for cricket in the United States.   The list does not reflect volunteers who have signed up over the last several days.

While this gathering may seem large, so is the job at hand. If you love American cricket as these volunteers do, if you want decisive action, if you are ready to shape the future, there’s room for you in the American Cricket Federation.   More volunteers are signing up every day and ACF will hold fortnightly orientation and induction meetings with new volunteers.

For more information, contact: Avinash Varma  at [email protected].

Committee Assignments:
Steering Committee: Jagan Jagnnathan, Leighton Greenidge, Avinash Varma, Khalid Motiwala, Shahid Ahmed, Kamal Azeez, Rudy Persaud.

Constitution & By-Laws: Gangaram Singh, John L. Aaron, T’Shaka Lee, Rohan Chandran, Jagan Jagnnathan, Stephen Rooke.

Website & Communications: Venu Palaparthi, Leighton Greenidge, Atul Rai, Ankur Saini.

Publicity & Media Relations: Gangaram Singh, Stephen Rooke,  Dr. Samaroo, Avinash Varma.

Marketing & Finance: Khalid Motiwala, Masaood Yunus.

Budgeting & Accounting: T’Shaka Lee.

Youth & Junior Development: Arun Vittala, Tony Gilkes, Manas Sahu, Linden Fraser, Faoud Bacchus, Naeem ul-Haq, Jay Singh, Hemant Buch.

Women’s Development:  Confirmation process in progress.

Membership Development: Avinash Varma, Shahid Ahmed, Leslie Lowe, George Steir.

Tournaments & Events: Leighton Greenidge, Shahid Ahmed, Kamal Azeez, Mahammed Quershi, Garnet Laiputan, Vijay Beniwal.

Facilities Development: Kamal Azeez, Mahammed Quershi.

International Relations: John L. Aaron, Atul Rai, Dr. Samaroo, Hemant Buch, Tony Gilkes, Golam Sayeed, Kunal Patel.

Umpiring: Rudy Persaud.