New York Tristate Youth Cricket Development, Inc. will start its eight  season  with a coaching clinic at Gateway Field on Saturday, April 23 for all U/15, Under 17 and Under 19  cricketers. The program will continue on Saturdays and sometimes during the week. The clinic is open to all youngsters, regardless of ethnic origin or league affiliation. As usual, NYT will conduct a full summer program for the youngsters.

Prominent coach Linden Fraser will be on hand.

The Under 19 competition sponsored by Tristate will start on May 14 and at least four New York teams have committed to participate. This year the first half of the competition will be two inning games played over two consecutive Saturdays and the second half will be one day games in preparation for the national tournament. The two day format will greatly improve the level of cricket and give the managers, trainers and coaches more time to work with the players.

Games will start promptly at 10:15 am and ninety overs will be bowled each day.  The first round of two day games are scheduled for May 14 and 21. NYT will provide the lunches, balls and trophies for the four team competition. NYT provides its own funding along with some loyal sponsors. Last year, there was no U/19 competition and as a result many players were denied the opportunity to represent the region. Instead of having the usual four or five players on the USA team, NYR had only two.

NYT performs the same role as other cricket academies across the nation which make significant contributions to their regions and some of which have been subsidized by USACA. Tristate’s record at the local and national levels is unsurpassed and, as the name implies, also included New Jersey and Connecticut before those areas had any kind of youth programs.

To fill the gap between the U/19 and men’s team, three years ago, NYT united with Atlantis Cricket Club to place a team (Atlantis/Tristate) in the Eastern American League and this year will have a team, (Pioneer/Tristate) in Division 1 of the Metropolitan League. Tristate graduates are now participating in all the leagues and have tremendously lowered the average age of the league participants.

This year it is crucial if New York is to regain the supremacy it has enjoyed over the years that NYT continues with its mission. As been done since 2003, NYT is willing to work with the region to prepare New York cricketers for national competition.  New York Region will appoint their own selectors who can observe the players at the various games and practices. NYR will also appoint its managers, coaches and other personnel after the teams have been selected.

New York Tristate Youth Cricket will be holding a coaching clinic at Gateway Field on Saturday, April 23 for all Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 cricketers. Photos by Shiek Mohamed

Communication was sent to all leagues and the following teams have agreed to participate in the Under 19 competition, New York Tristate, Commonwealth League, Eastern American Cricket League and  New York Cricket School. Its not too late. Any New York League or Academy that is interested in entering a team may do so at

The New York media is hereby invited and the following stakeholders are expected to attend; regional and league officials, USACA officials, Krish Prasad and John Aaron, umpires from USACUA, Sew Shivnarain, Ricky Kissoon, Casper Davis, Sr., Linden Fraser, Derick Kallicharran, Akeem Dodson, Andre Kirton and  Zamin Amin, among others.  An advertisement will also be placed in the local Pakistani news paper as a means of reaching out to the Pakistani community.