Thakurdial (Ajay) Tikaram of Shattaz Cricket Club who is critically injured seen here with his family.

The appeal is being made on behalf of Thakurdial Tikaram (Ajay) of Shattaz Cricket Club in the New York Softball Cricket League (NYSCL) by the Indo-Caribbean Federation, Ravi Etwaroo of Cricket Zone USA, Antonio Dallai from Sunrise Softball Cricket Club, Navin Narine, and Rajiv of Shattaz C.C., along with Ajay’s teammates and his friends.

The 26 year-old father of two was badly hurt in a car accident last Friday in Pennsylvania, and is now hospitalized in a life-threatening condition at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. He has been placed in an induced coma, while being treated at the Medical facility.

Ajay, as he’s familiarly known, and his wife Vidisha, are the young parents of two children Tyler and Aidan, one and three years old respectively. Ajay is best known for his charitable work through cricket games, and is one of the most genuine persons you would ever know.

The above listed organizers along with other cricketers will host a fundraising event on this Friday, February 6, 2015, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Idlewild Terrace, Inc. located at 157-13 Rockaway Blvd., Jamaica, Queens 11434.

The organizers appreciate your charitable contributions toward this sad situation and hopes everyone can make a special effort to come out to the event this Friday, while including Ajay and his family in your prayers.

Those wishing to make a donation should make Checks or Money Order payable to Thakurdial Tikaram All contributions will be acknowledged on behalf of the family.

For further information please contact any of the individuals listed below. All cricket leagues are encouraged to make monetary donations to this worthy cause.

The organizers wish to thank all in advance, and look forward to seeing you on Friday evening.

For more information please contact Ravi Etwaroo 347-387-2381, Navin Narine 917-828-3489, Mario 347-392-2511 or Rajiv 718-924-4541 or message him on facebook@RajVBeharilal. [email protected]