There’s no doubt that with a new member joining a family, whether it’s a new baby or a pet, or the proverbial long lost prodigal son; the family dynamic is impacted. So it is no different in a sports team or league. In this case it’s Atlantis Cricket Club – NY rejoining the NY District Metropolitan Cricket League after a 28-year hiatus and a sojourn in the Eastern American Cricket Association.

Coming off of a championship winning season in the EACA and rejoining the Metropolitan league, many pundits did not see Atlantis having such an early impact on the league. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as the club has hit the ground running, flag waving, and making a statement that it is competitive, and with an appetite for winning.

2017 saw Atlantis, along with 13 other teams registered in the Clement “Buster” Lawrence Premier League 40 overs tournament in the Metropolitan League, and the club advancing to the quarter-finals with a 9-3 record and five points behind league-leading Queens United Sports Club. Atlantis, with a 3-1 record and 21 points, is now tied in first place with Progressive Cricket Club and Villagers Social & Athletic Club in the Roy Sweeney Twenty20 Challenge Cup.

Atlantis Cricket Club – NY vs. Sheffield Cricket Club
Sheffield Cricket Club 228 for 6 in 35 overs – Shemroy Barrington, 91 off 76 balls (1×6, 11x4s), Ahmad Dodson, 35 not out off 24 balls, (2x6s, 3x4s), Andre Lindsay, 29 off 33 balls (1×6, 3x4s), Daoud Mohammed, 16. Treon Forde 2 for 37, Keon Lake 2 for 39, Prashanth Nair 1 for 43.

Atlantis in reply 165 for 9 in 26.5 overs – Alex Amsterdam, 46, (1×6, 2x4s), Treon Forde, 30, (5x4s), Francis Mendonca, 28, (3x4s), Prashanth Nair, 17, Keon Lake, 12. Maurice Powell 3 for 26, Ahmad Dodson 3 for 33, Shemroy Barrington 1 for 30, Mehr Zulquarnain 1 for 40. Sheffield won by 63 runs.

Despite the loss, Atlantis has advanced to the quarter-finals schedule for this Sunday at Floyd Bennett Field at 12:00 Noon.
Man-of-the-Match: Shemroy Barrington

Atlantis Cricket Club – NY vs. Lucas Cricket Club
Atlantis 182 for 6 in 20 overs – Nicholas Standford, 57 off 29 balls (1×6, 7x4s), Francis Mendonca, 50 not out off 31 balls (1×6, 4x4s), Treon Forde, 27, Keon Lake, 24. Patrick Walfall 2 for 24 and Javier Bryan 2 for 41.
In reply Lucas Cricket Club 74 for 8 in the 106 run loss to Atlantis.
Javier Bryan, 37 (3x4s) in 43 balls. Sooraj Parambath 3 for 4 off 2 overs, Keon Lake 2 for 7 off 2.4 overs.
Man-of-the-Match: Sooraj Parambath

Atlantis Cricket Club – NY vs. Suburbia Sports Club
Suburbia 132 for 7 in 20 overs – Rohan Burrell, 46 off 19 balls (3x6s, 4x4s), Zeniffe Fowler, 23 (3x4s), Towan Henry, 21 (3x4s), Javein Thomas, 14. Alex Amsterdam 2 for 20, Keon Lake 2 for 33.
Atlantis 128 for 5 in 20 overs – Alex Amsterdam, 48 off 29 balls (6x4s), Francis Mendonca, 28, Randall Wilson, 20, Prashanth Nair, 14. Ryan Burnett 3 for 19. Suburbia won by four runs.
Man-of-the-Match: Ryan Burnett

Atlantis Cricket Club – NY vs. Lions Cricket Club
Atlantis 125 for 7 in 20 overs – Alex Amsterdam, 39 (4x4s), Nicholas Standford, 24, Francis Mendonca, 22, Dwayne Hurley, 11. Oshane Walters 3 for 22.
Lions 76 all out in 19.5 overs – Clint Wiseman, 20, Gary Waithe, 12. Keon Lake 3 for 10, Prashanth Nair 3 for 12. Atlantis won by 49 runs.
Man-of-the-Match: Alex Amsterdam

Atlantis Cricket Club – NY vs. Staten Island Cricket Club
Staten Island 86 for 8 in 20 overs – Abdul Rahim-Ali, 28 off 32 balls (1×6, 2x4s), Asghar Qureshi, 17 off 18 balls (1×6, 1×4). Dillon Bourne 3 for 13, Prashanth Nair 2 for 18, Keon Lake 2 for 24.
Atlantis 87 without loss – Nicholas Standford, 57 off 28 balls (2x6s, 6x4s), Prashanth Nair, 21 off 17 balls (2x4s). Atlantis won by 10 wickets.
Man-of-the-Match: Dillon Bourne

This Sunday, Atlantis faces off against Villagers Social & Athletic Club in the quarter-finals of the Clement “Buster” Lawrence Premier League 40 overs tournament at Floyd Bennett Field at 12:00 Noon.

As competitive and demanding as it is being in the play-off circles of two tournaments in the same league, Atlantis has stepped up and loudly announced its return to the Metropolitan League. No doubt, the club has its sights set on winning championships in the league, and is willing to do what’s necessary to accomplish its goals.

The dynamism brought by Atlantis to the Metropolitan League augurs well for the future of the sport in the league, and hopefully the New York Cricket Region. A relatively young Atlantis backed by a progressive club structure adds dimension and depth to the league, outside the competitive field of cricket.

In this age of disruptors – individuals and organizations; the old theory of thinking outside of the box now has new meaning and creates a dynamic environment for the growth of the sport everywhere.