Election Of Officers

Atlantis Reshuffles Deck In 2016 Elections

New YorkNews March 1, 2016 admin 0

Atlantis Cricket Club – NY now celebrating its 50th anniversary as a cricket club in the New York metropolitan area, recently held its 2016 election of officers for the 2016-17 electoral term. Though the faces on the new Executive Board are no strangers to the club’s members and the cricketing community, it is largely a reshuffling of the deck of the club’s leadership.

Atlantis Cricket Club logo depicting the club 50th anniversary.

Atlantis Cricket Club logo depicting the club 50th anniversary.

Outgoing President Steve Welcome and long-serving Secretary and former club President John Aaron did not seek re-election, making way for a significant change in the leadership of the organization.

Headlining the new Executive Board is veteran cricket administrator Courtney “Sarge” LeGall, President, and former club President Dr. Glendon Archer, now the club’s Executive Vice President. Rounding out the rest of the club’s two-year term Board is Nigel Harper, Vice President, Samantha Ramautar, Secretary, Keith Aaron, was returned unopposed as Treasurer, Desmond Thompson, Asst. Secty. Treas., and Lester Hooper, continuing as the men’s cricket manager. Alex Amsterdam was reelected the men’s cricket captain, with Samantha Ramautar, as the women’s cricket captain, and Joan Alexander-Serrano, women’s cricket Coordinator, this is Ms. Alexander-Serrano’s second stint as the club’s women’s coordinator.

Incoming President Courtney LeGall, in thanking the members for the confidence shown in him said, “I look forward to leading Atlantis into the second half of its century and look forward to all those who have served on the board and other members lending their support, more so in this our 50th anniversary year.” He added that he was proud to be the seventh president in the club’s history.

President LeGall’s sentiments were echoed by several members of the incoming board, with Executive Vice President Dr. Archer noting that his return to serve on the board was the embodiment of an earlier sentiment expressed by him, where he stated that a cricket club like Atlantis in the heart of Brooklyn, had the potential to be anyone’s country club.

Honorary Club President Carlyle Miller, who served as the Returning Officer for the election, in congratulating the new Executive Board, thanked those outgoing officers for their leadership and service to the club, noting that despite his differences sometimes with some members of the club, he and everyone else always placed Atlantis first, adding that Atlantis will be around for the next 50 years and beyond.

John Aaron, one of the club’s longest serving members of its Executive Board (Secretary 1997-2000 and 2010-2016, and President 2000-2010), said he was grateful for all the sentiments of appreciation expressed, but he thought it was time to relinquish some of the leadership of the club to others equally qualified. He however promised to continue serving the club and assisting wherever possible.