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Audrey Moore: First Female Elected to NCCA Board

NewsNorth West February 3, 2021 admin

Congratulations to Audrey Moore on being elected the first-ever woman on the Northern California Cricket Association’s (NCCA) Board of Directors. It is historic as it follows the traditionally male-dominated structure of the NCCA and the sport in the USA.

Audrey Moore
Audrey Moore

Audrey’s six-year involvement with cricket started when she was still a student and an amateur photographer for the Trojan Cricket Club (TCC) at USC in Los Angeles in the fall of 2014. Audrey was later appointed TCC President, making her both the first female president and executive of the club. She increased membership of the club by 30%, bringing its total membership to approximately 130 people and making TCC the largest sports club at USC; and developed the club’s first sustainable women’s program, with up to 21 women signed up at its peak, among other achievements.

Since graduating from USC in December 2016, she joined the executive board of the non-profit Southern California Junior Cricket Academy and helped run its operations as a Program Manager. She moved to Northern California two years ago and immediately got involved in Bay Area cricket as a volunteer. As an American “millennial” who until 2014 had no prior knowledge of cricket, Audrey brings a unique perspective to the NCCA on recruiting new players, strengthening youth cricket programs, and growing cricket in the US.

Speaking to, Ganesh Sanap, elected NCCA President for the fourth time in the past 12 years – a record for the position, said he was excited to see NCCA become more progressive by including Audrey Moore in its forward operations.

The other NCCA Board of Directors elected are Anuj Patel, Mahesh Krishnamurthi, Praveen Koka, Karthik Rayala, and Imran Khan.