The United States of America Cricket Association announced 14 players squad for the ICC World Cup Qualifier 2012 to be held in UAE in March 2012.

Azurdeen Mohammed is the only player from the New York region to make the squad. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

The Squad:
Sushil Nadkarni – Captain
Aditya Mishra – Vice Captain
Abhimanyu Rajp
Adil Bhatti
Asif Khan
Azurdeen Mohammed
Elmore Hutchinson
Gowkaran Roopnarine
Khawaja Shuja
Mohammad Ghous
Nauman Mustafa
Orlando Baker
Ryan Corns
Steven Taylor

The following players are in reserve: Japen Patel, Naseer Jamali, Akeem Dodson and Timothy Saurajbali.

Mr. Mark Johnson has been selected as coach, Mr. Asif Mujtaba as assistant coach, Mr. Nasir Javed Charlie as Bowling Coach, Mr. Robin Singh as technical advisor, Mr. Akhtar Syed as physical therapist and Mr. Shoaib Ahmed as Manager.

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