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BACA and Silicon Valley Stallions C.C. Join ACF

NewsNorth West July 28, 2015 admin 0

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 – The Bay Area Cricket Alliance (BACA) today joined the ranks of the American Cricket Federation, and is the latest league to become a member of the ACF and its effort to unite all cricketers in the USA. The ACF’s club membership also grew with the Silicon Valley Stallions (SVSCC) Cricket Club joining the organization’s club membership roster.
BACA established 16 years ago is one of the more established leagues in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, with more than 300 cricketers in its league. BACA has a vibrant youth and women’s cricket program at the core of its growth initiatives. The not-for-profit organization is dedicated to promoting the sport of cricket in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

According to BACA’s Secretary Nataraj Choodamani, “BACA is aligned with the core principles eschewed by the ACF, and as such it was a natural thing to join forces with ACF for the good of cricket in the USA. We encourage other leagues to do likewise, so that we may demonstrate a unity of purpose in moving cricket forward in this country.”

With a dozen teams in its fold, BACA is grateful for the support of its municipal partners: the Cities of San Jose and Milpitas, and for their cooperation in helping BACA popularize the sport of cricket in the Bay area and beyond.
ACF’s Chairman Jagan Jagannathan in welcoming ACF’s newest member league, said, “BACA has been an integral part of the growth of cricket in the Bay Area with their special focus on youth and women’s cricket being highly differentiating.  We are excited to have BACA as a member of the ACF family and look forward to working together closely.”

Commenting on the simultaneous membership of Silicon Valley Stallions Cricket Club, Jagannathan added, “The Stallions vision to empower youth to make positive changes in their lives through sports is very worthy and widely relevant. The club has already demonstrated tremendous potential in helping to grow the sport of cricket beyond the boundaries of its membership. We are delighted to have Stallions as a member club of the ACF family.”