By Clifford Hinds
The article entitled, “MCL Election is a Disgraced to NY Cricket” is no more than a feeble attempt to discredit the Metropolitan League, an attempt based on innuendos, half truths and hearsay. Obviously, this writer has a subconscious hatred of the MCL.  He attempts to berate the league for following the mandates of its constitution but makes no mention of leagues in his community who do not even hold elections.

Clifford Hinds a former President of the Metropolitan Cricket League. Photo by Shiek Mohamed

A reader needs to read no more than the title written by this coward to make a proper assessment of what is to follow.  His baseless incoherent rambling gives us a hint of how someone masquerading as a journalist can get himself into a lot trouble.

He makes a statement and is so unconvinced about its veracity that he ends it with a question sign. He was so eager to jump on the MCL that he never even took the time to get the correct names of the persons he accused.  However, fearing that his argument was not convincing, this genius came up with the   “duck” argument, “If it looks like a duck, talks and walks like a duck, it must be a duck”.  He may have intended it to be a joke, but he only succeeded in making a fool of himself.

There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to be President of a league. Why would some one run for a position he does not want? At the election, many persons declined after being nominated and there was even one person who stood down after another tied vote.

When this poor fellow realized that he had made an idiot of himself,  he cites the name of 90 year old Robert Mugabe, the long standing President of Zimbabwe, not realizing that the man represents leaders who hold on to a position for a long time. His referring to “the people over at the MCL” show his deep bias, but we already know that.

MCL is not a perfect league but its problems must be solved by its members. This is not the first time that  a MCL President has been voted out after only a year in office and he returned after two years to serve with distinction. Everyone in the league must now give their full support to the elected officers. The new administration will be hard pressed to live up to the high standards of past administrations. Failing that, February 2015 may see yet another change.