United States Youth Cricket Association
United States Youth Cricket Association (USYCA) is pleased to welcome Ohio’s Buckeye Cricket Club into membership. The club will be conducting a summer youth camp next month in Columbus, and looks to make an impact on youth cricket in the Buckeye State.

The BCC started with a goal to play good basic cricket and bring people who left their ego outside the cricket field. Just the sheer passion for cricket and a goal in mind to promote and educate people about the sport is what drives the club. Buckeye Cricket Club was established back in 2000 with some enthusiastic cricket devoted people living in same subdivision community called “Brookhaven” in Columbus, OH. Buckeye Cricket Club was initially named as “Brookhaven Cricket Club,” but inclusion of some people outside Brookhaven community as well as outside Columbus, OH lead to the name “Buckeye Cricket Club” with members from all over the great state of Ohio. The club had its own moments of inactivity from 2000-2005. Sudden sparks ignited the spirits of cricket god in every member of the club and from last two years Buckeye Cricket Club has been heavily active in promoting cricket and participating in cricket tournaments within Ohio. BCC had a very successful couple years in the running; they made it to the playoffs consistently for two years in the Midwest Cricket Tournament (MCT). The club was dormant for several years after being established due to lack of field and practice facilities.

Each member of Buckeye Cricket Club has devoted close to 50 percent of their life to cricket. Cricket is so dear to everyone’s heart that the members decided to do something more for the game then just actively participate in tournaments. In the year 2010 the younger members have taken an active role to make sure BCC was here to stay and laid the ground work for years to come. Still in the early stages of development the future looks bright with the goals in mind and the enthusiasm that the members carry to go forward in the coming years. Also besides playing cricket, the goal of the club has changed to promote and educate the youth and get the general public interested in cricket. Members from the local area take an active role in promoting the sport by organizing several tournaments throughout the year. This ensures that we get to spot new talents and also see what the general interest level for cricket is in the area.

With a unified decision each BCC member has taken the responsibility to take the vision and help promote the sport of cricket in every region of Ohio. This speaks volumes as no other club has actively done this in Ohio. The club is taking small steps towards it by organizing events where we will be reaching out to not only the cricket enthusiasts, but also people in the local region who would like to know more about the game.

“We are delighted to have the hardworking and dedicated members of the Buckeye Cricket Club on the USYCA team,” said President Jamie Harrison. “Their positive outlook and passion for the game should be great assets as they work to grow youth cricket in Ohio, and we can’t wait to work with them.”